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Thursday, June 1, 2023

Michter's Announces New Release of 10 Year Rye

Michter's has announced the latest release of their 10 year rye. This the first release of this variety since July of last year. 

Master Distiller Dan McKee says:
Our goal is to make the greatest American whiskey. We would love to be able to offer more of it, but we simply won't do so until the whiskey is ready at the standard our loyal Michter's drinkers expect. I do think that we have some good news to share in that respect, which is why I am so happy to introduce the 2023 release of Michter's 10 Year Rye.

This release comes in with a suggested price of $200 per bottle (up from $185 last year). It comes in 92.8 proof (46.4% alcohol) and carries the following tasting notes: 

Deep notes of vanilla and toffee, toasted almonds and cinnamon with an ample dose of crushed pepper and a hint of orange citrus.

2022 Release ($185)

2021 Release ($170)

2020 Release ($160)

2019 Release ($160) 

My Take

I said last year with the price increases, it wouldn't be long until this retails for $200 or more... That day came sooner than I expected as another price increase is being passed on. 

My opinion of this hasn't changed... $200 is a lot of money to pay for a single bottle... especially if it isn't barrel proof. For me, this is a pass as I don't think it's unique enough to justify the $200 price tag. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

 Source: Michter's Distillery

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