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Who I Am

Mark Roehl (left) site owner


Thank you for stopping by. Here's the short on who I am and why I started this site. Like you, I enjoy a glass of bourbon or whiskey. I enjoy trying new brands and rediscovering my favorites. Over time, I found I would forget what I enjoyed or didn't enjoy. Which brands I liked and why. I also found it hard to keep up with all the bourbon and whiskey news. There are always new brands and releases.


In order to help educate myself, and hopefully spur discussion and help others, I decided to start a website. The goal is to post two reviews per month (on the 1st and the 16th) and offer bourbon and whiskey news with how it relates to us in Ohio. The goal is to be transparent and honest. I know not everyone will agree with everything and I look forward to hearing your opinions.

Mark Roehl

I reside in beautiful, Powell. The gem of Ohio. In addition to bourbon and whiskey, my passions are animal welfare and running. I share my life with my wife (The Duchess) and our two weimaraners, Tobey (right) and Baby Leo (left).


The Duchess

She is the one who keeps the ship running and is Mark's beautiful wife. Her passions are cooking, cheese, ice cream, weimaraners, and wine, but always helps out on the site, whether by editing, providing tasting notes, or cooking up kick-ass infusion ideas.