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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

2019 Father's Day Gift Guide - Gifts for the Bourbon and Whiskey Loving Dad

With Father's Day right around the corner (June 16th), I thought it would be helpful to post some gift ideas for the whiskey and bourbon lover in your life. For even more gift ideas, check out 2019 Valentine's Gift Guide or the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

As always, the top recommendation is to open a special bottle that you've been saving and enjoy the time together... however, if you are looking for something more tangible, check out some of the products below.
  • Cuff-links made from a used bourbon barrel - $20-$85 - There are a ton of options and styles at various price points. Some, you can even personalize with initials. Our favorite are the simple cuff-links in silver with the initials at the bottom. 
  • Whiskey or Bourbon Tie - $75 - Nothing is more cliche than a tie for Father's Day... however, some people still wear ties and there are a ton of options available. Some top options are from Bourbon Cousins and come in a lot of different colors and styles... including bow ties, socks, and pocket squares. 

  • Blanton's Fathers Day Gift Basket - $165 - A very cool gift basket from Blanton's. Included is smoking chips, oak coasters, a flask, and much more. A bit pricy, but some cool stuff included. 

  • A Personalized Bottle Label - Free - Many of the larger distillers will create personalized labels to make the bottle special. We've seen this at the Woodford Distillery and others. Heaven Hill takes this a step further and will personalize an Elijah Craig Small Batch label and mail it to you for free so all you need to do is pick up a bottle at your local retailer, slap on the label, and give to pops!

  • Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented cigar - $130+ - How about hand rolled cigars produced at the La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate factory in EstelĂ­, Nicaragua that have been barrel fermented in a Pappy Van Winkle barrel using Kentucky tobacco. These come in three different sizes and the price differs accordingly.

Four Roses Golf Gear - $2.75+ - Four Roses has a wide selection of logo golf gear.... including Four Roses logo golf balls, tees, putter covers, and towels. My personal favorite is the Four Roses Ball Marker and Divot Tool for $39.98.

We hope you enjoy this list. If there are other products you recommend, drop a note in the comments below. Happy Father's Day!

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