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Thursday, November 29, 2018

2018 Columbus Bourbon Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the first ever holiday gift guide. I've identified a few ideas for the bourbon lover in your life at various price points.

1. The Phantom Mini Ice Maker - ($85) - My friend Matty G and I have spent more time and effort trying to make clear whiskey cubes than we care to admit. Our goal was to make crystal clear ice cubes... We started with tap water, then distilled, then boiled, then anything else we could think of... Nothing ever worked. From what we finally researched, the proper technique involves coolers within coolers and flipping things over and it's way too involved....

Thankfully, the Phantom Mini Ice Maker will take care of the clear ice for you. It is a bit expensive, but is a fun gift for anyone who is hard to shop for or has gone through the same struggle as we did.

2. Glencairn Crystal Whiskey Glass - Amazon ($14.99 for 2, $29.99 for 4) - These are the perfect glasses for sipping and experiencing all kinds of whiskey. This is a great gift for newbies and those those who are well versed in whiskey, can always benefit from additional glasses.

3. Blanton's Bourbon Barrel Stave - Blanton's ($99) - We haven't reviewed Blanton's on this blog yet, but one of the unique features is that there are 8 unique stoppers that spell out Blanton's and depict a horse sprinting to the finish. Part of the fun for Blanton's fans is to collect all 8... and what better way to display them than with a barrel stave from actual Blanton's barrels. There are additional styles in their online shop if the barrel stave is too long for your display. 

4. Stag Cocktail Shaker - Pottery Barn ($69) - Every bar needs a good cocktail shaker. Pottery Barn has some of the best looking. As seen in many of our instagram photos, we have the bear, but Pottery Barn also makes a stag and an owl ($79). All three look incredible and would be a welcome addition to any bar. 

5. Canine Cork Holder - Wayfair ($45.98) - As our instagram describes us... Whiskey... Bourbon... Weimaraners... all of our passions. What better way to display both than with the canine cork holder. Like the cocktail shakers, the right cork holder is a welcome addition to any bar. 

6. Diamond Whiskey Decanter 1000ml - Etsy ($120, $135 engraved) - Sticking with the bar theme, every bar needs a great decanter. We have several that we rotate throughout the year and this diamond is a great every day decanter. 

7. Ohio State Buckeyes Laser Etched Rocks Glass - Etsy ($12) - As the team, we are 100% behind The Ohio State University. This is the quintessential glass for any OSU Football game and helps reinforce our dominance over TTUN. We recommend at least two of these because Buckeye victories are best enjoyed with friends!

8. Makers Mark Bourbon Chocolates - Maker's Mark ($17.95) - What could be better than chocolate or bourbon... how about a combination of the both.... I give you Maker's Mark Bourbon Chocolates. A bit pricey at almost $2 per ounce, but these make a fun gift. 

We hope this helps. If you have any thoughts or any other gift ideas, definitely drop a note in the comments. 

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