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Monday, September 21, 2020

MGP Releases 2020 Version of George Remus Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

Similar to the previous announcement this month about the 2020 release of Rossville Union Single Barrel Rye Whiskey, MGP has announced the release of the 2020 version of George Remus Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey first announced in February

Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands says:
We're proud to make some of the finest bourbon whiskey in the country at our Lawrenceburg distillery. Demand for our 2020 George Remus Single Barrel Selection has exceeded expectations in our inaugural year. We are thrilled to work with our valued retail and distributor partners to offer this limited-edition Single Barrel selection of George Remus.

The single barrel bourbon is s offered at cask strength in two mash bills that reflect MGP's signature high-rye bourbon character. Neither mash bill was provided by MGP. No MSRP or tasting notes were provided. 

Availability is limited to participating accounts who opted in earlier in the year. There is a product titled GEORGE REMUS BOURBON BTB on the State website with a $59.99 price and the following message:

This is an exclusive OHLQ Barrel Selection product. Sign up for the OHLQ Insiders Bulletin to be the first to know when it will be released in Ohio.

My Take

I've never had any George Remus bourbon so this isn't a brand I'm overly familiar with. Like the Rossville Union release, I don't think it's worth camping out or spending a bunch of time to track it down, but if you see it on the shelf, it could be worth picking up to give it a go. For me, I'd rather start with the cheaper versions and see if this is a brand worth exploring more. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: MGP

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