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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

MGP to Introduce Remus Repeal Reserve Series III November 13th

Indiana based MGP has announced Remus Repeal Reserve Series III Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be released on November 13th to commemorate the birthdate of George Remus, who was a bootlegger who operated out of Cincinnati during prohibition.

Andrew Mansinne, Vice President of Brands, MGP says: 
We're privileged to have some of the country's most extensive, aged Bourbons, and are continuing to build our limited release program every year. Remus Repeal Reserve is now in its third year and delivers a bold, high-rye profile that weaves the best of our 2007/2008 Bourbons into a beautifully smooth style. Remus Volstead Reserve is made from even older, 14-year aged reserves to further commemorate the Prohibition era and our unique brand story. Remus Volstead Reserve will never be repeated and is a rare Bourbon that coincides with the release of Series III to make this holiday season even more memorable for collectors.

Remus Repeal Reserve is produced annually at the MGP distillery in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. The mash bill changes for each release, but this year contains 12% of a 2007 Bourbon (21% Rye); 78%, of a 2008 Bourbon (21% Rye); and 10% of a different 2008 Bourbon (36% Rye).

The tasting notes for Remus Repeal Reserve Series III are:

Nose: Maple with caramel, candied fruit, chocolate, baking spice, smoke and leather
Taste: Caramelized brown spice
Finish: A hint of rye

Remus Repeal Reserve Series III will retail for an MSRP of $84.99 for a 750-ml bottle and is bottled at 100 proof/50% ABV.

Our Take

MGP is really cranking out a ton of new products lately. Since I've started the site, they have released Eight & Sand, Remus Volstead Reserve, and Rossville Union Barrel Select. This is an annual release and has some nice blends. This comes in as a 10+ year whiskey with a 50% abv. The bottle looks really sharp. I would recommend this any collectors who are looking for something rare and unique. If you see this in the wild, drop a note in the comments.

Source: MGP

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