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Thursday, August 22, 2019

MGP Announces The Rossville Union Barrel Select Program

Lawrenceburg, Indiana based MGP has announced a new program called Rossville Union Barrel Select. The Rossville Union Barrel Select program allows customers to select custom flavor profile and packaging, including individually numbered bottles and personalized labels. Participating 'accounts' then work with MGP to taste, select and order a specialty blend of barrel reserves.

MGP Vice President of Brands, Andrew Mansinne says:
Rossville Union Barrel Select combines two of our greatest strengths: first, our longstanding history of making great ryes in historic Lawrenceburg, and second, our exceptional blending expertise. Rossville Union Barrel Select allows us to offer a one-of-a-kind solution for accounts to select the perfect mingling and custom bottling for their customers. We're thrilled that this new program coincides with the first anniversary of Rossville Union, and caps a year that has exceeded our expectations for Rossville Union.
Rossville Union Barrel Select will debut in the fall and each bottle will be bottled at 100 proof. Since these are unique barrel selects, each barrel should have a unique profile... however, it should be a derivative of the Rossville Rye Whiskey profile that is listed as: "Sweet caramel nose, a fruit forward palate and a smoky, spicy body that finishes clean."

MGP has confirmed the bourbon will be aged four to seven years in new char white oak barrels. The mash bills will be a combination of their 51% and 95% rye mashbills. I was not able to find the full mashbills, other than the rye portion. No MSRP was provided.

Our Take

I reached out to MGP and they confirmed that this program is coming to Ohio so that's good news. They were light on details on how this would work, but I'm guessing it would work in one of two ways... the first would be to order though our local liquor agencies and the bottles would be produced and shipped to the store for later pickup... the second option would be for the state to buy up several combinations and offer those to the stores. I applaud MGP in coming up with a program where the consumers get to tailor the experience to their tastes but I'm hesitant to get excited until we see the details and know pricing.

Stay tuned. We'll provide updates as this rolls out and details become available.

Source: MGP

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