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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Columbus Bourbon Q&A - Part 4

It's been a long time since I did one of these, but welcome to the fourth edition of the Q&A. If you missed the previous editions, it was mostly people asking if I have any Blanton's to sell. You can check them out here:

Me at the Twins Stadium earlier this summer

As always, the submitted questions will have a name with them. General questions will not. 

Q. Dodie S. writes in and says 'I would like to make reservations at the bar for Phil La Susa and a guest Ben Lachman for Jan. 19 @ 5:30pm'

A. Umm... sure? I don't do reservations or have anything where reservations would be applicable... however, I hope Phil and Ben have a great time, even though 5:30pm is a bit early for dinner. 

Q. Anonymous commented on my article about "Boone County Announces Limited Release - Toasted Cask Finish Small Batch Bourbon" saying "I think you should try it first instead of imagining how it tastes"

A. Great stuff, thanks for the comment. It definitely added a lot to the conversation. Obviously, I would love to try every bourbon I write about, but I rarely get bottles sent to me (it's happened twice). If anyone or any company does, in fact, want to send me new releases (or current releases), drop me a note!

Q. Anonymous also writes in on the article: "Boone County Announces Limited Release - Toasted Cask Finish Small Batch Bourbon" saying "Facts"

A. Thank you, I think? My articles tend to be fact-based so always nice to get the reinforcement from my readers. 

Q. Anonymous posted a comment on the article "Middle West Spirits Announces 14 Acre Expansion for Second Production Plant", "They don't mention invading Licking county with storage facilities. And lying to the locals about "farming" the land. 20 buildings for storing Whiskey is not "farming". Research whiskey fungus. The dirty little secret."

A. This was actually a really interesting. The fungus the reader is referring to is called Baudoinia compniacensis. Per Wikipedia:

It has as been observed on a variety of substrates in the vicinity of distilleries, spirits maturation facilities, bonded warehouses, and bakeries. The fungus is a habitat colonist with a preference for airborne alcohol, earning it the nickname whiskey fungus.

I've observed this myself in my trips to Kentucky (pictures below). 

There isn't a full consensus on if this is dangerous... it seems like the biggest nuisance is that it turns everything black, but can be removed with a power washer. Obviously, this would suck if a distillery pops up near your house because you'll have a lot more maintenance to do. This is an interesting topic for a future post (along with all the other future posts I haven't gotten around to writing about. Hopefully, more to come on this. 

Q. Lila W. writes in to ask ' Do you have Bulleit crafted cocktails available/in stock? If not can I order? Thank you! btw… live in CLE.'

A. Hi Lila, sadly, I don't have any Bulleit crafted cocktails, or any cocktails available. I have seen the Bulleit cocktails at my local Giant Eagle, so probably check your grocery store. 

Q. Yooper Joe posts on "How Much Bourbon Evaporates Over Time? " saying "Six year bourbon is good enough for me. My time for drinking is very limited!"

A. Thanks Yooper Joe. Six to eight is my sweet spot as well. I do think it's really interesting about how much product is lost each year and how much product is left to bottle on some of the older releases. 

Q. Jois Goldman writes in "We specialize in providing exceptional commercial cleaning services that leave a lasting impression. With a solid track record of 12,000 satisfied clients nationwide, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. We want to provide you with an opportunity to experience the difference firsthand. That's why we are pleased to offer you a no-obligation quote for our commercial cleaning services."

A. Thanks Jois, but I'm not really interested in commercial cleaning services at this time. 

Q. Kelsie W. writes in and says "Recently invited to your establishment and enjoyed the experience. I'm curious to see if you would need anyone part-time. Currently, I work full-time and would enjoy adding a day or two at No Soliciting. Either location is an option for me as well so I hope to hear from someone soon. Thanks"

A. Hi Kelsie, sadly, I don't own or work at No Soliciting. I did a look inside the private club in Columbus that is owned by Rise Brands. I'd recommend reaching out to them. Hope you get some shifts, it looks like a fun place to work. 


That's all for now. Another great Q&A in the books. If you have any questions, or even questions about the questions, drop a note in the comment box below or use the contact link on the front page ( A huge thank you to everyone who wrote in. 

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