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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Let's Have a Q&A - A Columbus Bourbon First

When I started in the Autumn of 2018, I never envisioned it would turn out how it has with 343 posts and close to 300,000 page views (302,957 to be exact). Since we're approaching a milestone, I thought it might be fun to have a Q&A to answer some of the questions and comments I've received. With that said, let's get started!

Me (Mark) with Miss Fiona
Q. Why did you start this site?

A. I had been accumulating a lot of bourbon and whiskey. I was traveling each week to Arizona for my job and each trip, I'd pick up a bottle or two that I couldn't find in Ohio. After a while, I started accumulating a lot of bottles to the point where I didn't have any room to store new bottles. 

Since there are so many bourbons in the market, I was going to start tracking which ones I liked and didn't and why.... so I figured since I'm already doing that... let's start a website to share my opinion and see what other people think. 

Q. James writes in 'Trying to buy stagg jr in bg they told me all where sold even though site said there where some available'

A. I don't sell bottles. Your best bet is to try the State's website and call the store before you go. I wrote an article a while back on how to score bottles legally in Ohio

Q. Brandon writes in 'In search of, the best places to try as many different bourbons or whiskeys... Hey there, COVID really upped my bourbon interests, but I'm not big into having a large collection, so I can't keep buying bottles (usually on blind suggestion). I'm hoping you have a short list of ways/places for me to experience more bourbon etc. without just buying the whole bottle every time I want to try something new. Preferably somewhere that actually has pours like Blanton's Booker's and the like.

A. I'm with you on buying the bottles. I have a bunch, but I usually end up with a glass of Woodford at the end of the day. In terms of locations in and around Columbus... I would start with Opa Grill & Tavern in Delaware. I haven't been personally, but I have many friends who rave about the selection. I know they have a lot of barrels that they have bought directly from the various distilleries as well (I think they had 6 or more barrel picks last I heard). The other location is Prohibition in Powell. An amazing selection with a lot of great mixed drinks. A wildcard that many people don't think about is the Great Southern Whiskey Bar in the Westin in Downtown Columbus. I'm not sure if he's still there, but Jesse Hubbard is the top bartender in Columbus and makes some amazing drinks. 

Q. Jason writes it 'I’m in search of Bunnahabhain 27 year old 1989 cask no 7719 Revival (The Higginbottom) bottle whisky and was wondering if you had some or could help me get some

A. I've never heard of that and definitely don't have any. It almost seems like you mashed the keyboard together to come up with the name. Regardless, I was in elementary school when this was casked so I'm guessing it is rare. Your best bet would probably be Justins' House of Bourbon in Kentucky. 

Q. Kent writes in 'Hello I am interested in sending a bottle of EH Taylor to a friend am I able to perform this task through your store? Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bottle'

A. I don't understand the question. If you want to send a bottle to a friend, mail them the bottle. Not sure what store you are referring to or what you would expect them to do. 

Q. Is this site your full time job?

A. I wish. If it were, the frequency and quality of articles would definitely be higher. I do this as a hobby when I have some spare time. Unfortunately, real work and life sometimes get in the way which explains why there can be a few days between posts. 

Q. Jay writes in 'Hello, I’m looking for Weller Bourdon: **I already have WELLER SR am looking for Weller Full proof Weller antique 107 Weller Single Barrel Weller 12 Weller CYPB Pappy 10 Can you advise where I can find it?'

A. Everyone is looking for these... if you find them, please let ME know. 

Q. What is the favorite bottle that you have?

A. I have a Woodford Master's Collection Cherry Wood Smoked Barley that I bring out for special occasions. My wife loves the Willett in the pot still bottle and keeps this on display year-round. 

Q. Michael writes in 'I can't find my original email from the Weller 12 lottery. There is a "Michael D" on the winner list, but it could be a different person. Can you please verify whether, or not, I won a bottle. Sincerely, Michael'

A. I don't work for the State or the Ohio Division of Liquor Control. They run the lottery. Check with them. 

Q. Jared writes in 'Do u have any blantons bourbon in stock?'


That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed the Q&A. If you have any questions that I missed or that you're curious about, you can drop me a note from the contact page or drop a note in the comment box below. 

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