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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

OHLQ Announces Russell's Reserve Single Barrel - Coming Saturday June 24th

The Ohio Department of Liquor (OHLQ) has announced the availability of fifteen barrels worth of Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Selection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey selections arriving at select stores at 9am on Saturday June 24th. Unlike previous releases, the list of stores will not be released until the morning of Saturday, June 24, 2023 on 

As mentioned, the State has 15 barrels worth of product. These are bottled 110 proof (55% alcohol). Each bottle is $64.99 + tax (up from $59.99 last year and $54.99 in 2019) with a limit of one bottle per customer. 

Check their website the morning of the 24th for locations. I anticipate they will add them to this page

The barrels are:

  • Barrel #22-0174 - Warehouse #CN-A - Floor #4 - A traditional Russell’s aroma invites heavy notes of caramel and butterscotch; a kick of spice lands back-of-palate, delivering a bold finish.
  • Barrel #22-0176 - Warehouse #CN-A - Floor #4 - A sweet, candied nose delivers a buttered caramel flavor with a smooth and creamy finish on the palate.
  • Barrel #22-0201 - Warehouse #CN-A - Floor #3 - This true gem entices with vanilla and spice on the nose, and a complex and full-bodied traditional bourbon flavor.
  • Barrel #22-0204 - Warehouse #CN-A - Floor #4 - A soft nose of vanilla and oak opens up to a candied baking spice flavor and departs with a long finish of spice.
  • Barrel #22-0212 - Warehouse #CN-A - Floor #4 - A rich butterscotch and vanilla palate creates a smooth pour with a quick finish, perfect for early evening enjoyment. 
  • Barrel #22-0337 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - Brimming with corn on the nose, this non-traditional Russell’s bottle surprises you with an off-profile taste; a unique bourbon to share. 
  • Barrel #22-0374 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - Hints of orange zest and citrus on the nose invite balanced notes of cinnamon and bread pudding on the palate, and relax into a long, warm finish.
  • Barrel #22-0378 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - A candied nose with spice lands with full flavor and unexpected gentleness on the palate, culminating in a deeply satisfying finish.
  • Barrel #22-0388 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - A fragrant, floral aroma transforms to a chocolate-covered cherry flavor with an oily, creamy mouthfeel that coats the palate for a lingering finish. 
  • Barrel #22-0389 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - With whispering softness, a gentle nose delivers an ultra mellow flavor with traditional complex notes on the palate, and an extra-long finish.
  • Barrel #22-0390 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - Inviting brown sugar and molasses create an aroma that opens up to a buttered toffee and burnt vanilla flavor with hints of strong oak throughout, and a lasting finish.
  • Barrel #22-0391 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - A fruity nose with cherry inflections welcomes a delectable cherry vanilla palate that encourages prolonged sipping, and a relaxed finish of spice and cinnamon.
  • Barrel #22-0392 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - Cheerfully sweet on the nose, the flavor of caramel and toffee rewards the palate at first sip. A rounded and delicate finish seals the deal in this highly likable bourbon.
  • Barrel #22-0393 - Warehouse #TYR-B - Floor #4 - Pure Kentucky Spirit, but with more kick, a burnt sugar palate with subtle notes of tobacco and leather resonates in a highly pleasing mouthfeel.
  • Barrel #22-0590 - Warehouse #TYR-M - Floor #4 - Extremely smooth with a very sweet, caramel-rich taste, this bourbon lands back-of-palate with bold cinnamon and a long finish.
My Take

Nice to see the State get a good allocation of barrels. Fifteen barrels worth should provide ample opportunity for people to be able to track down a bottle. It's a bit disappointing that the price went up 8% from last year, but that's how things are. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

Source: OHLQ

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