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Monday, March 28, 2022

Michter's Cancels 2022 Release of 10-Year Bourbon

Michter's has announced the cancellation of their 2022 10-year bourbon release, pushing the next iteration of this product to 2023.

Michter's President Joseph J. Magliocco says:
Over the more than two decades since we restarted Michter's in Kentucky, we have had several years where we've chosen to hold back particular offerings. Our goal is to put out the greatest American whiskey. When we think something is already wonderful, but will become spectacular with a bit more aging, we have not been shy about waiting to release it. When it comes to whiskey, there's no substitute for patience and time.

Michter's 10-Year has an MSRP of $160. They plan to keep the barrels originally slated to be bottled this year for one further year of aging.

My Take

I'm always a fan of holding off for the sake of quality and it sounds like that's what's happening here. Kudos for Michter's for making that decision. I'm sure there are financial implications of not releasing this year but I'm glad they have that commitment to quality. Check out my past articles on the Michter's 10-year. 

2021 Release

2020 Release

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Source: Michter's 

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