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Monday, June 14, 2021

OHLQ Announces Weller Full Proof and Blanton's Gold Lottery Winners

The Ohio Department of Liquor has posted the results of the 2021 Weller Full Proof and Blanton's Gold lottery. Sadly, there was no Mark R. on the winners list continuing my streak of never winning (there was a Marc R.)... however, friend of the blog Hunter did win a bottle of the Weller Full Proof!

You can click here to see the entire winners list

For this lottery, there were 944 bottles of Weller Full Proof and 258 bottles of Blanton's Gold for purchase and 63,381 entries. This put your odds of winning at:
  • Weller Full Proof - 1.49% (around 1 in 67)
  • Blanton's Gold - 0.41% (around 1 in 249)
Some of my favorite winners:

  • Brad
  • Chad
  • Tadd
  • Thad
Below is the updated table with all lotteries since I've started the site.

Congratulations to everyone who won.

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