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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Ohio Division of Liquor Control Announces New Batches from Woodford Reserve - Available May 3

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control has announced the availability of four selections from Woodford Reserve beginning at 9am on Friday, May 3rd at selected agencies across the state. These new selections are being called 'Woodford Reserve selection, Buckeye Blend No. 2.'

The four selections are distinct blends of two barrels created by Elizabeth McCall, Assistant Master Distiller at Woodford. Like most Woodford products, these new blends are bottled at 90.4 proof and each has a distinct flavor profile. Bottles are 1 liter each and will retail at $49.99 + tax. Each location is going to receive 54 bottles.

The four batches are:

  • WR202432 - Nose - Cherry apple pie, roasted coffee sprinkled with nutmeg
    Taste - Warm brown sugar and cedarwood
    Finish - Unknown

    Available in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton
  • WR202433 - Nose - Caramel and marshmallows with baked spice apples
    Taste - Baking spice and leather
    Finish - Unknown

    Available in Columbus
  • WR202434 - Nose - Citrus, sweet butterscotch and toffee
    Taste - Orange oils and anise
    Finish - Long

    Available in North Lima
  • WR202435 - Nose - Citrus, sweet butterscotch and toffee
    Taste - Orange oils and anise
    Finish - Long

    Available in Akron, Cleveland, Toledo
The store details are:

3979 Medina Rd., Akron
Batch WR202435

7578 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati
Batch WR202432

Giant Eagle 
840 West 3rd Ave., Columbus
Batch WR202432

Arrow Wine Stores
2950 Far Hills Ave.,Kettering
Batch WR202432

World Wines & Liquor   
8760 Mentor Ave., Mentor
Batch WR202435

Chalet Premier  
10000 Market St., North Lima
Batch WR202434

Ale Wine & Spirits 
7560 Guardwell St., Powell
Batch WR202433

Glass City Beverage 
5225 Airport Highway, Toledo
Batch WR202435

Our Take

It's rare for us to see a small batch from the likes of Woodford so if you are a Woodford fan and the flavor profile interests you near where you live, this is an event worth checking out. For me in Columbus, the WR202432 could be intriguing, but I'm not too interested in the WR202433. Our advise is if you are going to try to pick up one of these bottles, be there at least 20-30 minutes before opening. 

If you end up purchasing one of the Buckeye Blend No. 2 bottles, drop a note in the comments with your thoughts and experience.

Source: ODLC

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  1. I bought a bottle here in Loveland just outside Cincinnati, my little local liquor store had just gotten 4 bottles 15 minutes prior to me arriving and had sold one and I bought the 2nd. I wish I'd bought all 3 and given a couple away. My son lives on Woodford drive here in Cincy he would have gladly taken one off my hands. I haven't opened mine I've put it away but it doesnt have WR202432 marked on it. How can you tell for sure which of the 4 batches you have?