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Monday, November 13, 2023

OHLQ Announces High Bank Whiskey War Single Barrel Collection - Hitting Shelves Week of 11/13

The Ohio Department of Liquor (OHLQ) has announced the availability of three selections of High Bank Whiskey War hitting shelves this week (Week of November 13th). The selections are five (5) barrels worth of Whiskey War Double Oaked with a price of $69.99 + tax per bottle, two (2) barrels worth of High Bank’s Whiskey War Double Double Oaked with a price of $99.99 + tax,  and two (2) barrel selects with one finished in a Cognac cask and one finished in a Brazilian Amburana cigar barrel. These come with a price of $109.99 + tax. 

The tasting notes for the barrels are:

Whiskey War Double Oaked ($69.99 + tax) - 100 proof, aged an additional 6-12 months in a secondary barrel
  • Barrel #001 - THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE OAKY - Bright oak and citrus notes greet the nose, mingled with sweet hard candy and a pinch of white pepper. The palate is a blend of oak and candy, underscored by the richness of tobacco and a hint of allspice.

  • Barrel #002 - RAIDERS OF THE LOST OAK - A sweet symphony of caramel, vanilla, and butterscotch on the nose. A rich fusion of allspice and vanilla on the palate, complemented by fresh-cut oak and a hint of brown sugar.

  • Barrel #013 - THE OAKFATHER - The nose presents a delightful blend of fresh berries, oak, and cream. On the palate, a burst of oak is balanced beautifully with notes of dried cherries, a touch of leather, and a hint of pepper.

  • Barrel #032 - THE WIZARD OF OAK - The nose is a sweet mix of butterscotch and cherry. The palate offers a delightful journey of caramel hard candies, dried berries, oak, and a hint of pepper. Provides a captivating balance of sweet and spicy notes.

  • Barrel #033 - THE SILENCE OF THE OAK - The nose tempts with butterscotch, brûlée, and allspice. The palate unfolds a sweet and spicy journey with candy, pepper, allspice, oak, and a slight hint of citrus. 

Whiskey War Double Double Oaked ($99.99 + tax) - aged a third time in a separate new oak barrel

  • Barrel #002 - OAKTOWN FUNK - 115.0 Proof (57.5% alcohol) - The nose draws you in with deep oak, cherries, tobacco, and banana. The palate reveals a rich brûlée oak, cherry, and a surprising hit of citrus.

  • Barrel #008 - ANNIE ARE YOU OAKY? - 115.3 Proof (57.65% alcohol) - The nose unfurls a tapestry of oaky-butterscotch, allspice, and tobacco. The palate, a rich tableau of leather and oak, intertwines with the warmth of tobacco, the sweetness of dried fruit, and a hint of candy.

Whiskey War Barrel Select ($109.99 + tax)

  • COGNAC CASK -116.5 Proof (58.25% alcohol) - The nose is a bouquet of grape, citrus, oak, and allspice. The palate reveals a complex weave of deep grape candy, a kick of white pepper, and a smooth finish of custard.

  • CIGAR CASK (BRAZILIAN AMBURANA BARREL) - 116.0 Proof (58% alcohol) - Sink into a nose of coconut rum, candied banana, and a whisper of smoke. The palate dances with allspice and smoke, twirling with tropical notes of pineapple, coconut, and banana. A sensory journey to a tropical paradise.

My Take

I'm not sure I've seen a more gimmicky release than this. Having to name every barrel reeks of desperation.... having to put the double oaked in another barrel to make it triple oaked reeks of desperation... and using weird casks... also reeks of desperation. This is a release that seems way more marketing than substance and one I'd stay away from at all costs. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: OHLQ

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  1. You should probably have some more information on why one should avoid these picks simply based the naming…for example the taste…or better options at lower price points. If you had historical knowledge on High Bank/OHLQ picks this word play is very common.