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Thursday, March 2, 2023

OHLQ Announces Single-Day Four Roses Private Selection Release - March 04 @9am

The Ohio Department of Liquor (OHLQ) has announced the one-day release of Four Roses Private Selection on Saturday, March 4th at 9am at select OHLQ locations. These are single-barrel bourbons that have been bottled at barrel strength (e.g. not cut with water to lower the proof). Bottles will be sold for $74.99 plus tax. 

The State has 10 barrels worth of product that was selected by Four Roses and OHLQ. The barrels are located below and you can learn about the recipes at this link (basically, they are two separate mashbills combined with different yeast strains). 

  • Barrel #HE 36-1 B — Recipe: OESO — 112.6 Proof — Age 9 Years, 7 Months
    The malty aroma of vanilla wafer cookies with accents of honey blossoms to medium-to-bold flavor defined by molasses, toasted oak, and pipe tobacco that transcends to a sweet cherry finish landing front to mid-palate with lingering spice.

  • Barrel #PN 16-1 A — Recipe: OBSK — 114.5 Proof — Age: 9 Years, 8 Months
    Big, bright citrus and apricot join forces in an enchanting aroma that transforms to a cigar tobacco and coffee flavor with herbaceous notes, and evolves once again to a long-lasting finish enlivened with floral accents.

  • Barrel #RS 23-1 I — Recipe: OBSQ — 107.8 Proof — Age: 11 Years, 7 Months
    An exhilarating nose of fresh coffee beans, dark chocolate, and tropical fruit delivers a distinctive chocolate-covered cherry flavor with cocoa notes carrying through to a medium mid-palate finish.

  • Barrel #RS 79-1 F — Recipe: OESF — 106.6 Proof — Age: 11 Years, 7 Months
    Dark plum, brown sugar, coffee, cocoa, and cinnamon create an aromatic harmony that delivers cinnamon flavor with notes of black tea and light tannins, and lingers lightly front to mid-palate with a sweetness that mellows into oakiness.

  • Barrel #SN 87-1 D — Recipe: OBSV — 105.6 Proof — Age: 10 Years, 9 Months
    A round, inviting, and nuanced aroma of honeydew, leather, cereal, vanilla, and buttercream deliver a satisfying, lightly spiced flavor of toasted oak, sugar cookie, and browned butter that lands delicately at the front of the palate with honey sweetness and transitions to mid-palate with a flourish of cinnamon. 

  • Barrel #SS 4-1 A — Recipe: OBSO — 110.9 Proof — Age: 10 Years, 8 Months
    Dynamic and sophisticated, the aroma of leather, charred oak, and orange peel develops to a viscous, bold flavor profile with notes of dark fruit and baking spices and arrives at a complex finish that lingers mid-to-back palate.

  • Barrel #SS 4-1 C — Recipe: OBSO — 108.1 Proof — Age: 10 Years, 8 Months
    The sweet, satisfying aroma of maple, cereal, candied yams, marshmallow, and toffee entices the taste buds to luxuriate in a rich butterscotch and dark fruit flavor that finishes front to mid-palate with accents of coffee and spice.

  • Barrel #SS 84-3 H — Recipe: OESV — 112.6 Proof — Age: 9 Years, 1 Months
    Creamy, dreamy, and mildly nutty, the aroma of toffee with notes of clove delivers an evocative mint, vanilla, caramel, citrus, and herbal flavor that lands mid-to-back palate and lingers warmly with notes of cinnamon.

  • Barrel #TS 85-1 F — Recipe: OESQ — 106.6 Proof — Age: 10 Years, 1 Months
    Cherry, milk chocolate, and vanilla coalesce in a charming aroma that matures to an herbal, dark fruit flavor sweetened with bruleed sugar that crescendos to a full-bodied and lasting finish.

  • Barrel #VW 8-5 V — Recipe: OBSF — 120.8 Proof — Age: 10 Years, 6 Months
    A lightly floral and perfumy aroma with hints of honeydew and toasted oak opens to a captivating, boldly spiced flavor of leather, dark roast coffee, and mint, and finishes mid-to-back palate, where notes of mint continue to resonate with spice.

It will be available at the following locations (starting at 9am on Saturday March 4 until it is sold out): 


  • Fairborn Spirits, Fairborn
  • Kettering Wine & Spirits, Dayton
  • Kings Mills Wine & Spirits, Mason
  • Liberty Wine & Liquor, Hamilton
  • Morrow Village Market, Morrow
  • Tri County Beverage, Cincinnati
  • Wine Works, Springfield


  • Arnold's Carryout, Willard
  • Bassett's Market, Port Clinton
  • Huron Market, Huron
  • Kroger on Lexington Ave., Mansfield
  • Marino's Beverage Depot, Sylvania
  • Party Pak, Upper Sandusky
  • Wagner's IGA, New Bremen
  • Walt Churchill's Market, Maumee
  • Wine Sellers, Lima


  • 1837 Wine and Spirits Emporium, Gahanna
  • Bodega Wine & Spirits, Marysville
  • Carfagna's Market, Columbus
  • Giant Eagle on Hayden Run Blvd., Hilliard
  • Short Stop, Circleville
  • The Hills Market, Columbus
  • Wine & Liquor Depot, Johnstown


  • ACME, North Canton
  • Avon Lake Deli & Carryout, Avon Lake
  • Buehler's, Ashland
  • Golden Gate Beverage & Liquor, Mayfield Heights
  • Grumpy Grandpa's Git & Go, Ashtabula
  • Minotti's Wine and Spirits, Fairview Park
  • One Stop Shop, Youngstown
  • Ross Wine And Liquor, Bay Village
  • World Wines And Liquor, Northfield
  • Zagara's Marketplace, Cleveland Heights


  • Buehler's, Coshocton
  • East Palestine Liquor Stop, East Palestine
  • Kroger, Portsmouth
  • Millersburg Ice Co., Millersburg
  • Smoker Friendly Party Center, Cadiz
  • Weber's Market, Marietta

My Take

This seems like a pretty good release for the State. There are 10 barrels worth of product, which seems like a fair amount where people should be able to get a bottle if they really want one and it won't just go to the hoarding/re-sell a-holes that usually show up to these events. The price is good too at $75 for a single barrel bottled at barrel proof. I say this is one to go after.

Also, one added bonus of this release is that we all learned there is a liquor store in Ashtabula named Grumpy Grandpa's Git & Go so that's pretty great. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

Source: OHLQ

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  1. This is GREAT! Thanks so much for highlighting the first OHLQ release of 2023... looking forward to many more!