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Thursday, March 9, 2023

Jim Beam Launches New Ready-To-Drink Cocktails

Jim Beam, in partnership with The Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams, Dogfish Head, etc.), has introduced a new line of read-to-drink cocktails called Kentucky Coolers. 

Heather Boyd, Beam Suntory Managing Director of Ready-To-Drink, North America says:
Jim Beam has always aimed to offer consumers the perfect occasion to bring people together. We wanted to infuse this spirit into Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers. We recognize that in these moments of connection with family and friends, consumers are more frequently reaching for the convenience of canned-cocktails and RTDs but know there are gaps in the current flavor profile offerings in the category. We are proud to have created a product that directly addresses what consumers are looking for in the RTD market – a full flavored beverage at 120 calories. With the launch of Kentucky Coolers, we are looking forward to bringing the powerful connecting force of cracking open a crisp and cool beverage with friends to all.

This new product will come in four flavors. They are:

  • Strawberry Punch: Bright, lightly sweet strawberry punch with hints of mixed berry and bourbon
  • Black Cherry Lemonade: Crisp sour lemonade balanced with sweet, fresh muddled cherry. A light bourbon taste lingers behind the initial flavors of lemonade and cherry
  • Sweet Tea Lemonade: Bright, fresh, zesty lemonade and refreshing nostalgic sweet tea with a light bourbon taste
  • Citrus Punch: Fruity citrus punch with notes of mango, orange, grapefruit and lime for a sweet and refreshing taste complimented with light bourbon notes

They are sold as either a 6 or 12 pack or as a 24 oz can with each can coming in at 5% alcohol. The 12 oz can has 120 calories and the 24 oz can has 240. Retail price is $16.99 for a 12-can variety pack, $9.99 for a single flavor six-pack, and $3.49 for a single 24oz. can.

My Take

These are all the rage these days and you'll notice that they aren't a bourbon product, but rather a malt beverage that does not contain distilled spirits. What that means is we're getting a ton of artificial flavors to make it taste like bourbon, but no actual bourbon. If you're looking for a good mixed drink, as always, I recommend making it yourself and not taking a cheap shortcut, like Jim Beam Kentucky Coolers. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: Jim Beam

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