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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Boone County Releases Whiskey finished in Dalton Anna Wine French Oak Barrels

Because every bourbon or whiskey release lately seems to be finished in weird barrels, Boone County is jumping on the trend with their newest release: Boone County Cask Strength, Anna Liqueur finished Bourbon. 

The Dalton Winery is a wineries in Israel. Their wines are made of high quality grapes grown and harvested from their own vineyards from the Galilee region. The vineyards are located in one of the highest regions in Israel, planted 650-900 meters above sea level.

This whiskey is finished in Dalton Anna wine French oak barrels. Anna is a unique fortified wine liqueur made from Muscat grapes in the traditional Solera method aged over a period of at least eight years. 

The cask strength, Anna Liqueur finished Bourbon was certified by the Orthodox Union. Most of this release has been sent to New York, however a single allotment of 225 bottles have been reserved to be sold exclusively at the distillery starting Friday, November 25th, for $64.99. 

My Take

I'm a bit late posting this as the bottles went on sale last week. There are so many releases lately of bourbons and whiskeys finished in secondary barrels that it's taking away from any of the uniqueness that could occur. The only one of these that I've enjoyed have been the double oaked where the distilleries use a second bourbon or whiskey barrel. For me, this is a hard pass as I don't think bourbon and wine flavors pair well. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

Source: Boone County Distillery

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