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Monday, October 10, 2022

OHLQ Announces Woodinville Private Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Arriving Week of 10/10

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the release of nine barrels of single barrel selection of Woodinville Private Select Straight Bourbon Whiskey appearing in stores this week (week of October 10) for $74.99 + tax. 

The nine barrels are made with local grains from the state of Washington (corn, rye, and malted barley). You can learn about their process here

The barrels have the following details:
  • The Don - Barrel #6186 - 117.96 Proof (58.98% alcohol)
    A sweet and citrusy aroma on a balanced spice flavor profile, with hints of dark fruit and cognac, leads to a very present and lingering finish.

  • Warm Sugar Cookie - Barrel #6681 - 117.82 Proof (58.91% alcohol)
    A light, flighty nose reveals an herbal, chocolatey mint flavor profile, preceding a sweet finish.

  • Short Stack - Barrel #7029 - 116.34 Proof (58.17% alcohol)
    Pancakes and maple syrup on the nose herald an overall sweet flavor profile and an orange zest finish.

  • Tuscan Jam - Barrel #7033 - 116.88 Proof (58.44% alcohol)
    A musty aroma with the effect of spice and marmalade on the mid-palate spice heads to a warm, dry finish that lingers nicely.

  • Cola, PHD - Barrel #7047 - 115.68 Proof (57.84% alcohol)
    Caramel and sweetness on the nose anticipate tasting notes of orange marmalade and effervescent cola prior to a spicy finish.

  • Spice Market - Barrel #7318 - 115.20 Proof (57.6% alcohol)
    Boldness on the nose, with hints of citrus and toffee and malt, segues to an oak and tobacco flavor profile that builds to a spice bomb on the front to mid-palate and a very viscous, lingering finish.

  • Chocolate Orange Wedges - Barrel #7324 - 113.50 Proof (56.75% alcohol)
    Aromas of toasted oak and grains precede flavor notes of honey and bold spice on the mid-palate in service of a sweet finish, evocative of a chocolate-covered orange.

  • Panna Cotta - Barrel #7331 - 114.14 Proof (57.07% alcohol)
    A delicate, light nose with a citrusy profile complements flavor notes of caramel, vanilla, and crème bruleed sugar that rise to a finish that is lingering, bright, and effervescent.

  • Salt Water Taffy - Barrel #7332 - 114.18 Proof (57.09% alcohol)
    Undertones of caramel, vanilla, mint, and toasted oak on the nose pair with a flavor profile featuring playful elasticity between the spiciness and sweetness of the rye before pivoting to a briney and funky finish.

You can use this site to try to track down a bottle

My Take

First of all, I'm calling B.S. on the tasting notes. There is no way that barrels aged in the same location or the same amount of time would differ that much. The second concerning thing for me about this release, is no age statement on the release (how long the barrels have been aged) and I'm not sure bourbon coming from Washington state is a selling point. Part of what makes Kentucky perfect for bourbon is their limestone rich water and their climate that has lots of heat in the summer and cold in the winter, allowing the barrels to expand and contract, which allows the bourbon to soak up the flavor of the wood. Washington is mostly cold... 

With no age statement and knowing nothing about Woodinville, this is a release I'm going to give a hard pass. 

What are your thoughts? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: OHLQ

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