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Monday, October 17, 2022

OHLQ Announces New Riff Single Barrel (Bourbon and Rye) - Arriving Week of 10/17

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the release of eight barrels of single barrel selection of New Riff Rye and Bourbon appearing in stores this week (week of October 17) for $52.99 + tax for the bourbon and $57.99 + tax for the rye.

The eight barrels were selected by New Riff and the OHLQ Team exclusively for Ohio. 

Since these are single barrels, each barrel should be slightly different. The tasting notes and age statements for each barrel is:

Rye (2 barrels)
  • Barrel #9337 - Aged 4 years, 5 months
    A baker’s dream aroma of cereal and rye bread with notes of cinnamon invites a fruity profile of peaches and black pepper that finishes strongly at the back of the palate with plenty of bold spice.

  • Barrel #10733 - Aged 4 years, 3 months
    Cinnamon, butterscotch, and allspice create a balanced aroma that opens to an oaky, fruity flavor with notes of pear and vanilla. A front-of-palate sweetness transitions to the back of the palate with delightful rye spice.
Bourbon (6 barrels)
  • Barrel #8200 - Aged 4 years, 6 months
    Aromas of light orchard fruit, lemon meringue, nutmeg, and hints of butterscotch introduce satisfying stone fruit and black tea flavors that lead to sweetness at the front of the palate, and a lingering finish of fresh oak and light smoke.

  • Barrel #8546 - Aged 4 years, 6 months
    The sweet aroma of maple and cinnamon opens up to boldly spicy notes of black pepper and orange, and finishes with bready flavors at the front of the palate.

  • Barrel #9431 - Aged 4 years, 4 months
    Hints of molasses and dark fruit create a smooth aroma that develops to a cinnamon, spearmint flavor; a leather and white pepper finish lands at the mid-to-back palate.

  • Barrel #10150 - Aged 4 years, 3 months
    A bold aroma of baking spices and black tea welcomes a sweet pecan and clove flavor that blossoms to a smooth cinnamon finish and lingers at the mid palate.

  • Barrel #10205 - Aged 4 years, 3 months
    With a caramel aroma enlivened by notes of fresh plum, the flavor of rye spice and hints of cinnamon lead to a dry, warming, lasting finish.

  • Barrel #10959 - Aged 4 years, 2 months
    A sweet honey and toffee aroma opens a rye-accented flavor profile, nuanced with notes of muddled mint, clove, and stone fruit. A bold finish of cracked black peppercorn lands at mid-to-back palate.

You can use the links below try to track down a bottle:

My Take

New Riff is actually the next review I'll be doing for the site so this release is timely in that regard. The price is solid for a single barrel selection and it comes with an age statement. I love the New Riff bottles as they look distinguished and great on the shelf. For those reasons, if you see this out and about, you should not think twice about grabbing a bottle immediately. 

What are your thoughts? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: OHLQ

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