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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Fortuna Bourbon to Re-enter American Market

Fortuna Brands, which operated from the late 1800's until the mid 1960's, has been revived and will re-enter the US market for the first time in over 50 years. It is being revived by the people behind Rare Character, which was founded in 2021 by Pablo Moix and Peter Nevenglosky. With the Fortuna brand, they have added Andy Shapira, who gained experience and insight at Heaven Hill. 

Mr. Shapira states:
We were fortunate to have had access to a few vintage bottlings of Fortuna, as well as the Hollenbach’s original flagship brand Glencoe. This helped produce a flavor profile to shoot for and shape the way we approach meticulously selecting the six barrels that make up each batch of Fortuna. We are proud of the results.

As for the bourbon... it is a blended Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 102 proof (51% alcohol), aged a minimum of 6 years and carries an MSRP of $84.99. The plan is to offer in all 50 states. However, some states (Ohio... looking at you) take much longer than others. It carries the following tasting notes:

Nose: Orange blossom honey and plums. A nice brightness of cherry blossom and citrus oil. 

Taste: Viscous. Lots of caramel, cherry and baking spice. It balances nicely with each sip showing off a little more of each note. 

Finish: Long with plums, toasted sugar and tobacco.

You can learn more about Fortuna at their website or by following them on the Gram

My Take

I'm always a fan of new bourbons. Especially if they aren't created by giant corporations to trick people into some weird backstory (Jim Beam Old Tub, MGP Eight & Sand, etc.). Here's hoping Fortuna makes it to Ohio and they have success. If anyone sees this out and about, drop a note in the comments below with your thoughts. 

Source: Rare Character Whiskey Company

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