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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

OHLQ Announces Bulleit Single Barrel Exclusive

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the release of sixteen barrels worth of Bulleit Single Barrel available starting this week (week of June 27th) at select OHLQ locations across Ohio for $59.99 plus tax. 

As mentioned, this is a single barrel, but not a barrel proof... meaning the bourbon in the bottle comes from a single barrel, but it is adjusted with water to create a standard proof (102 proof (51% alcohol)).

The tasting notes for the 16 barrels are:
  • Barrel #2-E3-1230 - Creamy, fruit profile with raspberry and blackberry creates a smoothie-like flavor, followed by clove on the back end

  • Barrel #2-E3-1232 - Oaky and aged yet bright, with wood and tobacco on the finish

  • Barrel #2-E3-1267 - An herbaceous nose with dill and a softer, shorter, minty flavor

  • Barrel #2-E3-1268 - Pear on the nose, with juicy fruit flavors and a soft, round, smooth finish

  • Barrel #2-E3-1271 - Leathery and balanced, with sweet-tart flavor and dusty notes

  • Barrel #2-E3-1273 - Sweetness on the nose with a complex taste featuring caramel and baking spices

  • Barrel #2-E3-1275 - Stone fruit on the front end and herbal, white pepper notes on the finish

  • Barrel #2-E3-1276 - A balanced smokiness, with cherries jubilee, dried fruit flavors, and a cognac-like notes

  • Barrel #2-E3-1277 - A minty nose and flavor with a notable wood influence and concentrated floral-herbal aromatics

  • Barrel #2-E3-1278 - Flavor of orchard fruits like apple and pear with a creamy, candy-like quality

  • Barrel #2-E4-1302 - Mellow flavors of dark chocolate and orange with a clove finish

  • Barrel #2-E4-1303 - Leathery nose with flavors of scotch, toffee, caramel, and a nuttiness reminiscent of a honey nut cereal — a sweeter front end followed by a hotter, spicier finish

  • Barrel #2-E4-1307 - Cherry on the nose with a floral, earthy taste, and sweetness from start to finish

  • Barrel #2-E4-1314 - Classic high-rye spiciness with cinnamon, nutmeg, and a long finish

  • Barrel #2-E4-1316 - Herbal, black licorice taste with a crème brûlée finish

  • Barrel #2-E4-1317 - A nose of dark fruit and fruit leather with a taste of figs 

To locate a bottle, you can use the OHLQ bottle finder

My Take

Another good release by the State with 16 barrels worth. Personally, I've been avoiding Bulleit as their namesake has some very serious accusations against him (emotional and sexual abuse). It's not a good look for the brand... Regardless, if you're willing to overlook this, this is a good opportunity to pick up a single-barrel for $60. 

Source: OHLQ


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  2. Just an update: KY press has recently updated old articles that state Tom Bulleit stepped down. However he has been in TV commercials as recently as a few months ago. If he ever stepped down, he has stepped right backup, even after the Ebony Major story broke. Many articles written by press from Tom & Betsy Bulleit's home town of Lexington, KY like the Herald Leader (, and the Bourbon Review ( while updating articles so they appear in new searches, they avoided updating links to the Neat Pour article (or Hollis Bulleit's website). Neat Pour is only article where the reporter accepted docs and recorded phone calls, The Bourbon Review was provided docs and a witness, but did not use, or contact them. And in my opinion Neat Pour is one of the few articles in a publication not littered with Bulleit ads and paid for by the Bulliet family and/or Diageo. And is also in my opinion why it was removed. Neat Pour's original article is now only found on the wayback server, and a copy (with original link) is now available on