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Friday, December 17, 2021

OHLQ Announces Baker’s Single Barrel Select Bonus Lottery Winners

The Ohio Department of Liquor has posted the results of the 2021 Baker’s Single Barrel Select Bonus Lottery. 

Sadly, there were zero Mark R. winners, keeping my lifetime losing streak intact. 

For this lottery, there were two barrels allocated for Ohio:
  • Barrel 1476919 - 107 PROOF (CENTRAL, SOUTHEAST, AND SOUTHWEST) - With flavors of dark chocolate & cocoa that coat the palate and aromas of vanilla & candied pecans roasting in the oven, this select barrel has an almost desert-like quality. The finish is well-rounded, ending with notes of light tobacco and espresso.
  • Barrel 1476968 - 107 PROOF (NORTHWEST AND NORTHEAST) - This complex bourbon with a robust finish has flavors reminiscent of chewy caramel changing to light butterscotch as it travels across your palate, and a citrusy aroma of bright orange zest leading to a soft char.
There were 240 bottles available and 49,082 entries received. This means your odds of winning were around 1 in 204... or 0.489%. 

Some of my favorite names of winners....
  • D. 1259561
  • Jaaon M. 1241285
  • Mathew H. 1233501
  • Severin S. 1246701

Congrats to all the winners. To see the entire list, click here.

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