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Thursday, November 18, 2021

Michter's US-1 Sour Mash Whiskey Review

Welcome to the review for Michter's US-1 Sour Mash Whiskey. This is my first time reviewing Michter's so I'm excited.

Let's get started with the basics. 

Manufacturer: Michter's
Age: No age statement

Location Produced: 

Mash Bill: Unknown

Tasting notes (from manufacturer): 
Warm toasted burnt sugar notes with spice, sweet, smoky fruit, candied cherries, and honeyed vanilla. Starts out like a bourbon, finishes like a rye.

 86 (43% alcohol by volume)

Who is this for?: Michter's fans. People looking to try something different. 

Cost (Ohio): $89.99 in Ohio

Let's start the review. 

Taste - Score 30 out of 35

On the nose, I picked up oak, a hint of citrus (lemon), a bit of sweetness (sugar). The Duchess picked up strong oak (she described it as a strong wood sap smell) and leather. 

The taste was straightforward... mostly oak with a hint of dried apricot at the end. 

Smoothness/Finish - Score 20 out of 25

The finish was short and smooth. It really does finish like a rye like the manufacturer suggested. 

Intangibles: Color/Appearance - Score 11.5 out of 15.

The bottle shares the standard Michter's appearance with the bubble neck and standard stickers on the bottle. The difference is the brown and yellow color palette.

I thought it would be interesting to see it against a rye (Sazerac on the left) and a bourbon (Michter's on the right). The Sour Mash is a hair darker than the rye and a bit lighter than the bourbon. 

Availability - Score 0 out of 5

Sadly, this product is listed for sale in Ohio, but has 0 inventory. 

Overall Value - Score 15 out of 20

There is no way this was $90 when I bought it. There are prices online in the $30-50 range, which seems to fit my memory. At the $90 price, this is a tough sell. It tastes good and has a really nice finish, but not at $90 taste. 

At the $30-50 range, this is an easy buy and would be recommended. 

Final Score: 76.5 out of 100 - Solid

I had some reservations at first about how much I would like the Michter's US-1 Sour Mash. I haven't had much luck with the non-corn or rye bourbons and whiskey's (Sierra Norte... I'm looking at you) so I was pleasantly surprised how easy and enjoyable this was to drink. I enjoyed the flavors and enjoyed how smooth it went down. If you find this at a reasonable price (e.g. $30-49.99), I recommend picking up a bottle and giving it a try. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Note: This review was done by Mark with help from The Duchess. The bottle was bought by me in Arizona at retail price. 

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