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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Old Forester Announces 2021 Edition Birthday Bourbon - Coming September 2

Brown-Forman owned Old Forester has announced their 20th edition of their Birthday Bourbon arriving in stores (most likely not Ohio) on September 2nd. The annual release is always released on the 2nd of September commemorate the birthday of Old Forester's founder George Garvin Brown. 

Master Taster Jackie Zykan says of this release:
Birthday Bourbon is a special release that not only commemorates the memory of George Garvin Brown, but also celebrates the legacy that he built which continues to live on. I'm honored to be able to share such a delicious offering to celebrate our founder's milestones, and to be a part of raised glasses for special moments in the lives of our fans.
The 2021 version is made from bourbon aged 12 years and comes in with a 104 proof (52% alcohol). This release is made up of 119 barrels so this is definitely limited. The MSRP is the same as last year at $129.99.

The tasting notes are:

Nose: A beautiful symphony of berry and dessert components. Red raspberry preserves join plump, juicy blackberries and dried strawberries to set the tone, nestled in a bed of dried herbs and balanced with vanilla creme brulee, subtle pecan, rich maple syrup, and cocoa. 

Taste: Rich and inviting, the velvety mouthfeel carries notes of buttery caramel, burnt sugar, and a touch of fresh baked Linzer cookie. This silky palate quickly awakens into a bright, peppery, peripheral spice.  

Finish: Lengthy and warm with subtle dryness. Subdued notes of chocolate, raisin and cool herbs linger in the shadow of stark oak spice.

My Take

This is one where if you see it in another state at close to MSRP, pick it up. If you are looking to get this in Ohio, your only option will be one of the lotteries. Last year, the State received 288 bottles and had 27,230 entries so the odds of winning were less than 1.1%. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.

Source: Brown-Forman

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