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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Heaven Hill Distillery Unveils First Bottled Bourbon From The Evan Williams Bourbon Experience Called Square 6

That headline is a mess so let me try to break it down a bit. Heaven Hill distillery has announced their first bourbon from their craft bourbon experience called the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and this new brand is called Square 6. A better headline for the press release would have been 'Heaven Hill Unveils New Craft Brand called Square 6', alas. 

This new bourbon has been produced on the same plot of land where Evan Williams built Kentucky’s first commercial distillery in 1783 and where now sits the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience.

Max L. Shapira, Heaven Hill Distillery President states
Today marks another milestone in the educational, interactive experiences offered at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience as we can now experience the aroma and taste of this truly hand-crafted process from the grain to the glass. From the first day Artisanal Distiller Emeritus Charlie Downs turned on the stills nearly eight years ago to Artisanal Distiller Jodie Filiatreau patiently waiting years for this product to come of age in the barrel, today we celebrate Heaven Hill’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.

The Square 6 mashbill consists of 52 percent corn, 35 percent rye and 13 percent malted barley and is made in a one barrel per day copper still. It comes aged 8 years and is bottled at 95 proof (47.5% alcohol). It carries an MSRP of $89.99 and will be available at the tasting experience and select Kentucky retailers. The tasting notes are: 

Nose: Tobacco, fig and honey
Taste: Earthy notes with cardamom and cinnamon
Finish: A short, dry finish.

My Take

This is intriguing.... an incredibly small batch from a major distillery aged 8 years for $90. The proof is ok for that price... ideally, I'd like to see it a bit higher for that price and age, but I think this is one if I saw on the shelves (in Kentucky), I would give it a hard look. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

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  1. I'll be in KY next month, so hoping to find one. I'll let you know