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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Luxco Distillers Introduces Ezra Brooks 99

Luxco (whom I've always known as Lux Row Distillers) has announced a new product in the Ezra Brooks lineup called Ezra Brooks 99. 

John Rempe, master distiller at Lux Row Distillers states:
With Ezra Brooks 99 our goal was to create a higher-proof bourbon without sacrificing the rich notes Ezra Brooks is known for, and we achieved that with 99. The result is a smooth, drinkable bourbon with hints of caramel, vanilla, chocolate and spice. We're thrilled to introduce Ezra Brooks 99 to bourbon lovers everywhere.

Ezra Brooks 99 has the same mash bill as regular Ezra Brooks, but has a 99 proof (49.5% alcohol), which results in different tasting notes. The release will be available starting this month. It is listed on the OHLQ site for $24.99. 

My Take

I'm a big fan of everything I've had from Luxco so far. The Old Ezra 7 is still one of the top rated bourbons I've reviewed. Depending on price, this could be a solid go to for regular bourbon drinking. At the $24.99 price point, this is one I'll be picking up next time I see it. 

What do you think? Leave a note in the comments below. 

Source: Luxco

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