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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Old Grand Dad 114 Review

Welcome to the review for Old Grand Dad 114. This is a product that is relatively new to Ohio so excited to give this one a try. I couldn't find a website for Old Grand Dad so some of the information isn't available. 

Big thanks to Matty G for helping with this review. Due to the pandemic, the review was done through Google Hangouts. 

Manufacturer: Beam Suntory
Age: Not provided

Location Produced: Kentucky Vintage Distillery, Bardstown Kentucky

Mash Bill: 63% corn, 27% rye, 10% barley (not confirmed)

Aroma (from manufacturer): 
None provided

Taste (from manufacturer): None provided

Finish (from manufacturer): None provided

 114 (57% alcohol by volume)

Who is this for?: Grandfathers, Pop-pops, and Grand dads?

Cost (Ohio): $29.99 + tax

Let's start the review. 

Taste - Score 20 out of 35

To me, this one gave off a very sweet smell, almost like pixy stix. Matt picked up hints of honey, vanilla, and tea. In terms of the taste, it was harsh with a huge burn. Adding water made it bitter. Matt picked up honey and described it as full-bodied.

Smoothness/Finish - Score 10 out of 25

As mentioned in the taste, the finish was harsh. This is to be expected at 114 proof, but even when I added a splash of water, it didn't get any better. I had bitter-beer face after every drink. I found this really difficult to drink. 

Intangibles: Color/Appearance - Score 9 out of 15.

The bottle is pretty standard with the exception of a raised stamp on the front indicating the 114 proof. The stickers are fine, but nothing special that would make me put this bottle on display. I do like that it has a cork stopper rather than a twist-off. 

In terms of the color, it's a dark color that I would expect with a proof this high and looks nice in the glass. 

Availability - Score 2 out of 5

This product is semi-new to Ohio. I first started seeing it available early in 2020. As you can see from the product locator screenshot below, it's still in limited release... However, if you want to find this, it looks like there is enough supply where you could locate a bottle with a little bit of work. 

Overall Value - Score 10 out of 20

First and foremost, a big thank you to Amy for finding Old Grand Dad 114 at the store and picking up an extra bottle so I could do a review. 

While it's true, I gravitate away from anything higher than a 100 proof, I can usually enjoy them if I add a bit of water or lots of ice... this wasn't the case with the Old Grand Dad 114. I found this bourbon harsh and bitter and I didn't look forward to drinking. Based on that, I don't think this is worth the $29.99 + tax. 

Final Score: 51 out of 100 - Not one of my favorites

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Note: This review was done by Mark and Matty G. The bottle was a bought in Columbus by friend of the site Amy and I reimbursed her the full retail price.