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Friday, October 9, 2020

Kings County Announces 7-Year Single Barrel Bourbon (Updated)

New York based distillery Kings County has announced the release of a new 7-year single barrel bourbon to coincide with their 10th birthday. This is the first release in a new series of single barrel whiskeys that will be released. 

Kings County distiller and co-founder Colin Spoelman states:
Less than a handful of legitimate distillers outside of Kentucky have released an age stated whiskey of 7+ years. This coincides with a watershed moment for craft distillers. We've always known our whiskey compared well to whiskey in its peer age group, but we never had whiskey aged comparably to some of the best American whiskey until now.  While we are still holding barrels for even longer aged whiskeys, we feel these older barrels mark another stage of maturity in our evolution as one of the most determined, creative, and uncompromising distillers in the country.
This release was first distilled in July of 2013 and lost 34% of the volume due to evaporation over time (aka The Angel's Share). This release is bottled at 107 proof (53.5% alcohol) and will be available exclusively at their distillery in New York starting at noon on October 14th. Future versions of the Single Barrel series will be distributed throughout Kings County's best accounts in NY and around the country. No tasting notes or pricing were provided. 

10-11-20 Update

I reached out to Kings County. There are 189 bottles available. However, they will have an aging stock from which they will have a new barrel every other month or so. This release carries a price of $149 with the following tasting notes:
This is a very full-flavored whiskey with a long finish. Most bourbon, even older bourbon is a little sweet, this is very dry. Lots of oak and cinnamon, clove, with hints of peanut brittle and tootsie roll chocolate, and toffee. 
They are not in Ohio because we're more difficult than most of the other states... however, if people live near or travel to Indiana, they are pretty well distributed there. 

My Take

Despite being available online in 40 states and available through distributors in 22 states, Kings County is not available in Ohio. This is mostly due to our ridiculous laws where everything has to be run through the State and they get to determine supply and demand rather than the citizens and customers. Additionally, what this means is that Ohioans will go to other states to buy and Ohio will lose out on the tax revenue... 

Depending on price, the Kings County single barrel releases could be a cool and unique opportunity to get some great bourbons... sadly, we won't be able to participate in Ohio. 

I've reached out to Kings County to see if they have plans to come to Ohio in the future and will update this post if I hear back. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments. 

Source: Kings County Distillery

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