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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Buffalo Trace Announces E.H. Taylor, Jr. 18 Year Marriage

Buffalo Trace has announced the lasted variant of Colonel E.H. Taylor with the release of what they are calling 18 Year Marriage. This newest release is a blend (marriage) of three mashbills, two rye bourbon mashbills and one wheated bourbon mashbill.

The distillate for this release was originally barreled all the way back in 2002 using one of three Buffalo Trace mashbill recipes; wheated bourbon, rye bourbon #1 and rye bourbon #2. They were then aged then mixed to create this release.

The 18 Year Marriage is bottled in bond (100 proof, 50% alcohol). The bottle displays a vintage label and is offered inside a distinct canister reminiscent of Taylor’s whiskey package from over one hundred years ago. Suggested MSRP is $69.99 and will be available in limited quantities beginning in June. The product offers the following tasting notes:

Nose: Vanilla butter cake
Taste: Caramel and cinnamon
Finish: Toasted oak, cinnamon, and a hint of spearmint.

My Take

Having an 18-year bourbon priced at $70 is crazy and makes this one of the best values around. Unfortunately, like most limited release Buffalo Trace products, it means you're likely never to see this unless it shows up in the 2020 Ohio Bottle Lottery. Regardless, if you ever see this on the shelves, it's a must buy.

Source: Buffalo Trace

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