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Friday, February 14, 2020

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces Bulleit Single Barrel - Available February 21

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the availability of Bulleit Single Barrel beginning at 9am on Friday, February 21st. The State worked directly with Master Distiller Dwayne Kozlowski to select three barrels. The Bulleit Single Barrel Program is brand new and the State of Ohio was the second group ever, and first state, to choose Bulleit single barrels.

For this release, the bottles are 9-10 year single barrel and bottled at 104 proof (52% alcohol) and will sell for $59.99 for a 750ml bottle. The mash bill varies between barrels (details below).

Barrel L1E 40017 and L1E 40018

Mash bill: 21% rye, 75% corn, and 4% malted barley
Nose: Corn and toasted notes
Taste: Earthy to creamy
Finish: Corn

Barrel L1B 30014

Mash bill: 36% rye, 60% corn, and 4% malted barley
Nose: Floral
Taste: Fruity & spice
Finish: Spice

My Take

It's difficult to talk about Bulleit without touching on the abuse allegations against the namesake Tom Bulleit... If we choose to ignore that and focus exclusively on the bourbon, I've always been a Bulleit fan. Unfortunately, the price has been creeping up over the past few years so the value isn't what it was. However, in regards to this release... $59.99 is a great price for a 9-10 year single-barrel bourbon so if you are willing to ignore the elephant in the room, then this is a good option.

From an availability standpoint, I'm disappointed that there are only 8 locations across the state and there isn't a ton of allocation, which means get there early and wait in line.

If you go to any of the locations on the 21st or score a bottle, drop a note in the comments with your thoughts. 

Locations (alphabetical by city)

3979 Medina Rd., Akron             
54 Bottles, Barrel L1B30014

Giant Eagle       
2801 N. High St., Columbus       
78 Bottles, Barrels LIE40017 & LIE40018

Handy One Food Mart 
3105 E Dorothy Ln., Kettering   
66 Bottles, Barrel LIE40017

O'Bryan's Wine & Spirits             
8972 Columbia Rd., Loveland   
66 Bottles, Barrel LIE40017

Weber's Market             
301 Scammel St., Marietta         
42 Bottles, Barrel LIE40018
Chalet Premier 
10000 Market St., North Lima   
42 Bottles, Barrels LIE40018 & L1B30014

Royal Park Beverage     
12770 Royalton Rd., North Royalton     
54 Bottles, Barrel L1B30014

Bassett's Market           
3994 East Harbor Rd., Port Clinton         
54 Bottles, Barrel LIE40018

Source: OHLQ


  1. Went to the Handy One food Mart in Kettering at 9am, there was a line, but not too terrible. I got a bottle and my brother got a bottle, and a t shirt! The food Mart gives their regular customers preferential treatment, letting them cut in line, which I get somewhat.

  2. I got to the Columbus location at 8:45 and got a voucher for bottle #65 (of 78). By 9AM they were all spoken for. This is what State controlled liquor sales get you. Fixed pricing but constant shortages. The other choice is the free market, where the price is determined by the point where supply meets demand. Apparently no one likes that either.

  3. I got a bottle from Obriens in Loveland. Haven't had the chance to open it yet. How do you know what bottle # you have? Mine only shows what the Barrel No. Is and that it was Release #1