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Friday, January 17, 2020

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces New Batches from Woodford Reserve - Available Thursday, January 23 - Update Cancelled

1/22/20 update: The State has canceled this release citing that 'the allocation didn't meet the profile excellence we selected.' I have no idea what that could mean or how this was only found out the day before the release... either way, it's incredibly disappointing. The complete statement from the state is:
Since the allocation didn't meet the profile excellence we selected, Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall and I chose to delay the release while get you something even more special. 
Both Ohio Liquor and Woodford Reserve want to release to you only the best selections, and we'll work to make it up to consumers. 
We'll also reschedule with Elizabeth so you can meet her and get your bottles signed.
Stay tuned for details about the make-up date for the release; you won't want to miss what we have up our sleeves. 
Please enjoy all products responsibly.
Jim Canepa

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced their first bourbon release of 2020 with the availability of eight new taste profiles of Woodford Reserve available beginning at 6pm on Thursday, January 23 at select locations across the state (list below).

For this release, the state worked with Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall to create 8 batches unique to Ohio. Each batch consists of 2 barrels. Unique to this release is that all bottles are 1 liter and bottled at the standard 90.4 proof (45.2% alcohol) that Woodford uses for all their reserve releases. The cost is $49.99 + tax for a 1 liter bottle.

The eight batches unique to Ohio are:

OHLQ Winter Select 1
Nose: Floral
Taste: Caramel and vanilla, with some tropical fruits
Finish: Long and complex

OHLQ Winter Select 2
Nose: Butterscotch and brown sugar
Taste: Spicy
Finish: Long

OHLQ Winter Select 3
Nose: Black pepper and cloves
Taste: Oak and hazelnut
Finish: Long

OHLQ Winter Select 4
Nose: Apple, pear, and floral
Taste: Brown sugar, caramel, and cherry
Finish: Light to mid

OHLQ Winter Select 5
Nose: Floral with some spice
Taste: Black pepper, oak, and cedar
Finish: Mid

OHLQ Golden Barrel
Nose: Vanilla and caramel
Taste: Brown sugar, pecan, and black pepper
Finish: Long

OHLQ Barrel G
Nose: Heavy oak and black pepper
Taste: Spice and vanilla
Finish: Mid

OHLQ Barrel J
Nose: Light and floral
Taste: Apples, brown sugar, and oak
Finish: Long and lingering

My Take

I love that we're getting special Woodford blends unique to Ohio, but I don't like how there are only 16 barrels available. This means that the most any specific location is getting is 84 bottles, which means if you are interested, you need to get there early and wait in line. For me, this isn't worth the effort. I love Woodford but I don't think these are unique enough to give up hours of my day to wait in line.

If you do end up going to one of the locations or grabbing a bottle, drop a note in the comment box with your thoughts.

Locations (alphabetical by city)

3979 Medina Rd., Akron           
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 3

Busy Day Market           
30 W. Stimson Ave., Athens     
84 Bottles, OHLQ Golden Barrel

Warren Village Beverage           
3330-32 Warren Rd., Cleveland
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 1

Delhi Liquor     
5193 Delhi Ave., Cincinnati       
54 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 5

Bottle signing w. Asst. Master Distiller McCall
Jungle Jim's     
4450 Eastgate Blvd., Cincinnati
114 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 5

1837 Wine & Spirits Emporium           
1383 E. Johnstown Rd., Gahanna           
84 Bottles, OHLQ Barrel J

Chalet Premier
10000 Market St., North Lima 
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 4

Bassett's Market           
3994 East Harbor Rd., Port Clinton         
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 2

Giant Eagle     
1700 Norton Rd., Stow
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 2

Miami Valley Wine & Spirits     
943 West Main St., Tipp City
84 Bottles, OHLQ Barrel G

547 E. Manhattan Blvd., Toledo
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 1

Green Road Liquor       
2181 South Green Rd., University Heights         
84 Bottles, OHLQ Winter Select 3

The Wine List 
7381 Tylers Corners Dr., West Chester 
84 Bottles, OHLQ Barrel G

The Hills Market           
7860 Olentangy River Rd., Worthington             
83 Bottles, OHLQ Golden Barrel

Source: OHLQ

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