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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) Announces WhistlePig Barrel Series #1 of 4 - Available August 30th

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the availability of the first of four WhistlePig Single Barrel selections that will be offered. The four releases are titled Spicy Pig, Smooth Pig, Rich Pig, and the Sweet Pig. All releases will be coming from 10-year-old, single barrel selections. The bottles will be available at select stores (see the list below) beginning at 9am on August 30th.
Spicy Pig comes in with at a whopping 115 proof (57.5% alcohol).

The tasting notes are: Charred oak, pepper, caramel, citrus, baking spices, sweet tobacco, vanilla, maple syrup, and rye grass

They will retail for $99.99 + tax for a 750ml bottle.

Our Take

Throughout my bourbon and whiskey journey, I've only had WhistlePig once and it tasted like distilled liquor straight from the still. It was overwhelming and not a great first impression. Over time, I've heard many people rave about WhistlePig so I'm hopeful that I just had a bad bottle.

Having said that, I like the idea of offering different options based on the various taste profiles of the single barrels. I also like that the state didn't select a lot of stores to get what sparse inventory they have. I would much rather have fewer stores with more bottles than more stores with fewer bottles allocated to each. By having a lot of allocation, it makes it much easier for anyone interested to get a bottle rather than having to show up hours early and stand in lines.

In terms of this specific release, I think this is one I'll be sitting out. There are a lot of regular WhistlePig bottles I'm looking to try before I jump into the single barrels. However, if you are a huge WhistlePig fan, these next four release will be right up your wheelhouse.

Locations (alphabetical by city)

Lake's Beverage
3963 S. Main St., Akron
126 Bottles

Giant Eagle     
4343 E. Royalton Rd., Broadview Heights
126 Bottles

Weiland's Market         
3600 Indianola Ave., Columbus
126 Bottles

Delhi Liquor     
5193 Delhi Ave., Cincinnati
126 Bottles

Giant Eagle     
2173 Stringtown Rd., Grove City
126 Bottles

Handy One Food Mart 
3105 E Dorothy Ln., Kettering
60 Bottles

Cappy's Wine & Spirits 
309 West Loveland Ave., Loveland
126 Bottles

Bassett's Market           
3994 East Harbor Rd., Port Clinton
126 Bottles

Glass City Beverage     
5225 Airport Hwy., Toledo
126 Bottles

A & C Southway Beverage
45 South Ave., Youngstown
66 Bottles

Source: OHLQ

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