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Friday, August 2, 2019

Boone County Releases Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Boone County Distilling has announced a new Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey that will be available at their Gift Shop at the Distillery in Independence, Kentucky. 

This new small batch is a mixture of select barrels ranging from 5-14 years old. Those barrels are then mixed in small batches to create 'a distinctive character, aiming for a 6-8-year-old flavor profile.'

Boone County states that:
Uniting these flavors enables our team to consistently hit the flavor profile that was originally envisioned and ensure it upholds the qualities and standards that you have come to know and love.
The new spirit comes in at 90.8 proof (45.4% alcohol by volume) and will retail for $47.99. The tasting notes are:

Appearance: Perfectly balanced colors of copper, chestnut, and caramel.
Aroma: Light notes of aged oak, vanilla, almond, and sugar cookie.
Flavor: An elegant roundness; with appropriate notes of sweet oak, caramel, vanilla, and almond biscuit.
Finish: A dash of aged rye and a pinch of cinnamon. The finish is smooth, consistent, and satisfying. 

Our Take

One of the things with Boone County is that they bought a large batch of barrels from MGP and branded them as Boone County Bourbon (which I reviewed in June of 2019) which has served as their brand until their in house bourbon has matured to an acceptable level. At that point, they would start selling their own product and would be sustainable. 

In terms of good problems to have, Boone County started selling at a pace that would have them run out of MGP product, well before their in-house produced bourbon was ready. This new product is mostly likely a way to continue to produce product until their in-house bourbon has matured to the proper level. The questions I have on this are where these products were sourced and how much availability is there of the Small Batch Straight Bourbon. I'm assuming not much since it's only available at the distillery. 

As always, I'll keep an eye on this and any updates will be posted on the site. If you get a taste of this, drop a note in the comments below with your thoughts. 

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