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Monday, July 22, 2019

Woodford Reserve Announces Woodford Reserve Wheat

Woodford Reserve has announced the introduction of Woodford Reserve Wheat. Woodford Wheat joins their Reserve Bourbon, Double Oaked, Rye, and Malt in their permanent product lineup.

This new whiskey is made with wheat as the dominant grain with a mashbill of 52% wheat, 20% malt, 20% corn and 8% rye. It was created by Master Distiller Chris Morris and 'based on historical recipes but influenced by the iconic core Woodford Reserve Bourbon brand.'

The tasting notes from Woodford are:

Nose: Aromatic spiced (cinnamon and cedar) and cooked fruit (apple, pear, banana) mingle with a delicate floral character sweetened with light vanilla bean and brown sugar notes

Taste: Spicy applesauce and toasted coconut notes enliven an earthy mint and cocoa nib mix

Finish: Dry, subtle cocoa nibs and lingering apple peel

Our Take

Woodford Reserve Bourbon remains the second highest rated (81.5) of all the reviews I've completed so any time they come up with a new product, there is a certain level of excitement. The most recent addition, Woodford Reserve Malt wasn't a hit with me and scored a paltry 57.5 so I'm hoping that Woodford totally redeems itself with the wheat. 

While no price or availability was provided, I fully expect this to come in at the same price as their bourbon, malt, and rye at $34.99 and I fully expect this to start showing up on shelves in Ohio within a few weeks. 

If you see it in the wild, drop a note in the comments below!

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