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Friday, June 21, 2019

O.Z. Tyler Suffers Warehouse Collapse - 4500 Barrels Impacted

Shortly after midnight on June 17th, a the northeast quadrant of O.Z. Tyler's Warehouse H suffered a collapse. O.Z. Tyler announced that the section of the warehouse that collapsed had 4500 barrels that were impacted, but only 'a small fraction that appear to have damage.'
Thankfully, no employees were in the area, no surrounding properties and buildings were impacted, and no environmental damage has been identified. Master Distiller Jacob Call and authorities arrived on scene to assess the situation and begin working with structural engineers to assess the structural integrity of the building and to create and execute a recovery plan.

Since the collapse, O.Z. Tyler has been having daily meetings with state and local officials, including representatives from the Environmental Protection Agency. The recovery plan that is being executed includes a 'deliberate deconstruction of Warehouse H, commencing immediately.' O.Z. Tyler has also announced that they've had minimal leakage from the impacted barrels so that's good from a product and environmental standpoint.

Our Take

This is the second warehouse collapse in recent memory following the Barton 1792 warehouse collapse in July of 2018. There have been heavy rains recently in the midwest and the initial thought from the bourbon community is the wet conditions may have played into the collapse. We won't know for sure for many months until a full assessment can be completed. Regardless, it's a shame any time an accident like this happens and I'm glad that the initial product loss appears to be minimal.

As always, we'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: OZ Tyler

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