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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Coopers' Craft Bourbon Review

Welcome to the review of Coopers' Craft Bourbon. This is our first foray into Coopers' craft, but we're very family with Brown-Forman from our reviews of Woodford Reserve (one of our favorites) and Old Forester Rye (not one of our favorites). For those unfamiliar with Coopers' Craft, they are named after the Cooper, which is the trade responsible for creating the barrels that the bourbon is aged in. They have the motto "From Bark to Barrel to Bourbon"...

With that said, let's get started with the specifications.

Manufacturer: Brown-Forman

Age: 4-6 years

Location Produced: 
Brown-Forman Distillery

Mash Bill: 75% corn 21% rye 4% malted barley

Aroma (from manufacturer): Light toasted and fresh oak character mingle with baked apple sweetness and a citrus custard.

Taste (from manufacturer)Soft lemon custard and baked apple notes layered over a bed of toasted and fresh oak character seasoned with a light dusting of spice.

Finish (from manufacturer): Rich and smooth with lingering hints of fruit.

Alcohol: 41.1%

Who is this for?: Individuals interested in going over Niagara Falls. Cooper Manning. People looking for a lower shelf bourbon.

Cost (Ohio): $22.99 + tax... this bottle was $25.99 + tax (bought in Kentucky)

Let's start the review. 

Taste - Score 27 out of 35

On the nose, we picked up notes of honey, oak, vanilla, and banana bread. Overall, this is more delicate than other bourbons we've reviewed.

As we tasted the Coopers' Craft, we got honey, green tea, and bits of oak. Overall, this tasted silky and sweet.

Smoothness/Finish - Score 12 out of 25

The finish on the short/medium range and a bit light on flavor. It goes down smooth, but there isn't much there.

Intangibles: Color/Appearance - Score 11 out of 15

The bottle is short and stout with a nice raised etching saying Brown-Forman Cooperage and the year 1845. The label for the first bottle is nothing special and the twist off cap is a bit disappointing. However, since our original purchase, Coopers' Craft has updated the labeling to make it easier to read and more modern by swapping out the blue and white colors and adding scripting for the logo.

In terms of the color, it has a nice rich amber color that looks like what bourbon should look like in the glass.

Availability - Score 2 out of 5

While this is listed for sale in Ohio, it's not as available as others at this price point such as Evan Williams Bottled-In-Bond, Bulleit, or fellow Brown-Forman product Old Forester. 

Overall Value - Score 14 out of 20

For $23, this is a bourbon I would recommend for people who are curious about bourbon or are looking for something easy to drink. You don't get the warm Kentucky hug that you do with other bourbons, which makes this more approachable for people who want a light bourbon, however, if you're looking for lots of layers and flavor, this isn't the right bourbon. 

Final Score: 66 out of 100 - Some uniqueness and could be good in the right situation

Note: This review was done by Mark with help from Matty G, The Duchess, and others. The bottles were purchased at Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY and Giant Eagle in beautiful, Grandview, Ohio.

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