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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star Review

Welcome to the review for Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star... the bourbon they thought was so good that Buffalo Trace named it twice. We've previously written about Ancient Ancient Age concerning the rumors that it was going to be discontinued. With the response from Buffalo Trace that it isn't being discontinued.... Let's start the review!

Manufacturer: Buffalo Trace


Location Produced: 

Mash Bill: 65% Corn, 20% Malted Barley, and 15% Rye (estimated)

Aroma (from manufacturer): Oak wood, clover and honey

Taste (from manufacturer)Corn, vanilla and spice

Finish (from manufacturer): Caramel and toffee

Alcohol: 45%

Who is this for?: People who like repeating names... Major Major from Joseph Heller's novel Catch-22... people looking for a solid bottom shelf beverage.

Cost (Ohio): $14.99 + tax for a liter (Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is only sold in a Liter and 1.75 Liter)

Let's start the review. 

Taste - Score 26 out of 35

On the nose we picked up caramel, cinnamon, baking spices (particularly apple) and clove. For the taste we picked up oak and noticed how this really coats the mouth.

Smoothness/Finish - Score 15 out of 25

For the finish, we rated it medium to long length and left us feeling like we had just tasted a very dry wine. In terms of taste... we picked up a hint of burnt sugar and not much else.

Intangibles: Color/Appearance - Score 8 out of 15

In terms of appearance, we're not expecting any bottom shelf brand to blow us away. Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star is no exception. It has a twist off cap in a plastic bottle and the label is a sticker.

In terms of color, this comes in on the lighter side. It looks ok in the glass, but we would prefer a bit more character.

Availability - Score .5 out of 5

For a bottom shelf bourbon, this is incredibly hard to find. Whether this is because of the rumors of it being discontinued or if it's Buffalo Trace not being able to meet demand... either way, this bourbon is not readily available. 

Overall Value - Score 16 out of 20

This is by far the most polarizing review that we've come across before. For some of us, Ancient Ancient Age 10 Star came across bitter and nearly undrinkable... and for others, it is our go-to bourbon when we're looking for value compared to price... Since I'm writing the review, I found it enjoyable and worth the money. I've been drinking for the better part of two weeks and have enjoyed my time with it in terms of value compared to flavor... it does come up a bit short on the finish, but overall, I've been pleased.

Final Score: 65.5 out of 100 - Some uniqueness and could be good in the right situation

Note: This review was done by Mark with help from The Duchess and her parents. The bottle was purchased at the Grandview Yard Giant Eagle, in beautiful, Grandview, OH.


  1. On your mash bill I think ya got rye and corn % mixed around.

    1. You are correct. I've updated. Thanks for catching -

  2. I really like this stuff. I've turned several of my friends onto it. It's kind of hard to find in this part of Ohio And is typically sold out an hour after it hits the shelf.