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Monday, April 29, 2019

Lux Row Announces Arrival of Blood Oath Pact #5

Lux Row Distillery has announced the arrival of their Blood Oath Pact #5. For those who have never heard of Blood Oath, this is Lux Row's ultra-premium bourbon released once a year, in limited quantities, and at a premium price.

The 5th edition is again a creation of Lux Row’s head distiller and master blender, John Rempe. This edition is packaged in a fire-branded wooden box, with a bottle sealed with a custom natural cork. The bourbon bottle is also hand-labeled with Rempe’s signature, the creation date, and the story behind it. The blend combines three bourbons (two ryed and one wheated), with one of the ryed bourbons being finished in Caribbean rum barrels.

When asked why use a Caribbean rum barrel, John Rempe stated:
"I went there because of my affinity for aged rums. I’m a big fan of aged rums, and I wanted a little of that sweetness of the sugarcane and molasses. It’s just something I dreamt up. I’m always thinking of different approaches. I’m already thinking of next year’s and the year after that."
The Blood Oath Pact #5 is limited to 15,000 cases, bottled at 98.6 proof and has an MSRP of $99.99. This version is supposed to contain flavors of dark fruit to molasses to prune and plum.

Our Take

In the past, the State of Ohio has received allocations of Blood Oath #1, 2, 4, and the Blood Oath Trilogy Pack (coming in at a whopping $599.98). At the hundred dollar retail price, this would be a rare purchase... and at that price, I would rather get a bottle of the Woodford Master's Collection, the Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection, or something similar. Having said that, we've been a fan of Lux Row and they currently sit at the top of our rankings with the Old Ezra 7 Year, so if you are looking to try something new and unique, this could be the bottle for you.

If you end up seeing this in the wild, or give it a taste, drop a note in the comments with your thoughts.

Source: Lux Row Distillery

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