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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Devils River Whiskey To Expand Distribution - Ohio Included in Plans!

Texas based Devils River Whiskey has announced plans to drastically increase their distribution. The goal is to go from the 12 states they serve now to over 30 by the end of 2019.

In announcing the expansion, Devils River Whiskey's President and co-founder Mike Cameron states:
"Leading the aggressive expansion plan requires a strong team, we're assembling a great group of the right men and women to get this done. We have divided the country into five regions and are proud of the talent that we're bringing together to drive our market expansion."
For those unfamiliar with Devils River (ourselves included), they use a 100% Texas mash bill (all Texas ingredients) that is contract distilled with a partner distiller in Texas (not sourced from Indiana or Kentucky). In terms of the spirits, they offer a bourbon, a barrel strength bourbon, and a rye. The whiskeys are aged two years and then chill filtered in order to soften up the liquid without stripping out any character. 

They are also building out their own distillery in San Antonio that is scheduled to open in October of this year. Again, Mike Cameron: 
"We are in the processes of renovating the first two floors of the Burns building located at 401 E Houston Street. Built in 1918, the Burns building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We are excited to be part of San Antonio's downtown revitalization as our distillery and visitor's center will be in the heart of downtown San Antonio, blocks from the Alamo,"
ColumbusBourbon reached out to Devils River to see if Ohio would be one of the 30 states they are expanding to. Eric Hundelt, Senior Vice President of Marketing stated that discussions with Ohio have already started and they are hoping to be on shelves by the second or third quarter of this year. 

We're excited to hear that Ohio is on the list of states. We've never had a Texas mash bill before and will definitely be adding this to our list to review in the future. 

Source: Devil's River

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