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Monday, February 4, 2019

Buffalo Trace Releases Two New Experimental Whiskeys

Buffalo Trace has announced the release of  two new experimental bourbons that have been aged for more than nine years in barrels made from oak staves (planks) seasoned for 36 and 48 months respectively.
This is the 22nd experimental release from Buffalo Trace and uses their Mash Bill #1 (estimated to be around 75% corn, 10% rye, and 15% barley). The experiment is to allow the barrel staves to season longer than the normal 6 months, in hopes that the barrels will offer a unique flavor. Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley says:
“Although the taste difference is slight between the two experiments, these whiskeys taste different than our flagship Buffalo Trace bourbon. The 48 month seasoned stave barrels created a more mellow taste and holds less flavor from the wood. The 36 month seasoned stave bourbon is a little more flavorful with oak notes and caramel present” 
We reached out to Buffalo Trace and Independent Stave (the makers of the staves) on if there is anything that makes these staves unique other than the time they sat out but did not receive any useful information. 

The bourbons are bottled in a two pack so customers can compare the difference between the 36 month and the 48 month. They are bottled at 90 proof and are 375 ml each. The press release says they are sold in a two-pack case, but that they 'retail for approximately $46.35 each'... so we're not sure if that is $46.35 for the pack or separately. It seems to contradict itself. 

The experimental bottles are scheduled to be available beginning in February. No word on if they will be available in Ohio, but given our antiquated liquor laws, your best bet is to travel to Kentucky to find them. 

Source: Buffalo Trace

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