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Monday, January 7, 2019

Northwest Wine & Spirits Review

From time-to-time on, we will be reviewing local locations that are connected to our love of bourbon and whiskey. The first of these was the Giant Eagle Market District in Grandview. Today, we'll be reviewing Northwest Wine & Spirits on Bethel Road in Columbus, Ohio. This is friend of the site, and contributor, Amy's favorite liquor store so we thought we'd check it out. 

Walking into this store, I really didn't know what to expect. The vast majority of liquor stores in Ohio are all identical... they have the standard brands and the same layout. I was pleasantly surprised to see the selection at this store.There were several they had in stock that I haven't seen in Ohio. These included Joseph Magnus, Suntory, and Knob Creek Rye just to name a few. Additionally, they had lots of Weller Special Reserve on the shelves.

Additionally, I met the owner and his wife and they were very friendly and offered suggestions and made me feel welcome. They both said Boone County Bourbon Cream is better than Buffalo Trace so I had to pick up a bottle. I'm looking forward to seeing for myself. I like the idea of supporting a local family run business.

Final Verdict - It's clear why Amy likes this store. They have a great selection and offer personalized service. This will be a store we'll definitely be frequenting in the future!

Northwest Wine & Spirits
821 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43214

This post was written by Mark Roehl

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