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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Bonus Post - Mini-Review - Old Bardstown Estate Bottled Bourbon

Welcome to another mini-review. For those new to the site, we do mini-reviews when get get samples or don't have enough of the product to do a full review. For this, we're jumping into Old Bardstown Estate Bottled Bourbon that was provided by contributor of the site, Ashwin! Old Bardstown is one we haven't tried before so let's get started!

Manufacturer: Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (Willett)

Age: Unknown

Mash Bill: Unknown

Alcohol: 50.5%

Tasting Notes (from manufacturer): Nose is sweet, herbal, citrus. The palate is herbaceous, sweet fruit, vanilla, on a layer of oak and earthiness that goes on like a champion marathon runner.

Who is this for?: People looking for new bourbons... also... marathon runners?

Review: For this review, we're not going to score because we don't have enough of the product to do a proper test, but we do want to provide some overall impressions.

On the nose, we picked up oak and lots of citrus along with some floral and vanilla notes. Overall, it had a very unique inviting smell.

On the taste, we picked up vanilla and felt it went down smooth with a nice finish that goes down pleasantly warm. When we added an ice cube, it went down really easy and had a nice oaky flavor.

Intangibles: Color/Appearance

The color comes across with a light caramel color. A bit lighter than some of our favorites, but still looks good in the glass.


Not available in Ohio due to our stupid laws

Overall Impressions

We think bottle retails for somewhere in the $25-35 range. For that price, we feel like this is a fairly intriguing option and we'll be on the lookout for a full bottle to do a proper review in the future. 

Note: This review was done by Mark. The bourbon was given as a gift by contributor to the site, Ashwin. This review was done, in beautiful, Columbus, OH

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