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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ohio Department of Commerce Introduces Ohio Liquor

The Ohio Department of Commerce has announced the creation of the 'Ohio Liquor' brand. From the initial announcement:
"Ohio Liquor was created to guide the future of the retail shopping experience, provide education about spirituous liquor and ensure consistency across the multiple touch points within the Ohio Liquor Enterprise."
What this means for consumers is that they will seeing updated branding to better signify where liquor is sold as well as bringing more uniformity and consistency across the various stores throughout Ohio. Instead of seeing the familiar 'State Liquor Agency', consumers will now see 'Ohio Liquor'. Additionally, Ohio Liquor has created brand guidelines that will help bring more consistency between locations by providing guidance on store look and feel from the shelving all the way to what materials the floors should be made out of Northern Timbers vinyl plank!).
"Inside, we want consumers’ experience to be fresh, bright, clean and uncomplicated. They’ll get key information in a quick, efficient way and know where features and promotions reside in the store. Shelf talkers with educational materials, including category information, cocktail solutions and more will start to trickle into the aisles. Consistent sale, new item and local tags will also make their way onto shelves."

The Department of Commerce says that consumers will gradually see this change take place over the course of years and will start with new agencies. Existing stores are advised not to spend any money rebranding unless they plan to do a renovation or move. 

Unfortunately for Ohio consumers, this does nothing in terms of bourbon or spirit availability and keeps the antiquated Ohio liquor system in place. 

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