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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

OHLQ Announces Russel's Reserve and Wild Turkey Release for Father's Day - June 15

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced a Russell's Reserve and Wild Turkey release for Father's Day on June 15 at 9:00am at select retailers. The stores will be announced prior to the release on June 15 at the OHLQ website. For this release, the State has procured 11 barrels of Russell’s Reserve Private Selection Bourbon ($69.99 + tax) and 4 barrels of Wild Turkey Rye Private Barrel Selection ($79.99 + tax).

The barrels and tasting notes are:

Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel Selection Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - $69.99 (plus tax) - 55% ABV (110 Proof)

  • Barrel 24-0205, Warehouse TYR-F, Floor 4 - The sweet notes of marshmallow on the nose are enhanced with notes of cherry and vanilla, building to a chocolate flavor on the finish.

  • Barrel 23-0455, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - A smoked chocolate flavor envelopes the palate as flavors of dark fruit and red-hot cinnamon surprise on the finish.

  • Barrel 23-0631, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - Reminiscent of cherry pie, sweet cherry, and tart orange arrive on the nose, complimented by warm baking spices.

  • Barrel 23-0682, Warehouse CN-F, Floor 4 - The sweetness of cream soda and sarsaparilla enliven this spirit with hints of rootbeer and subtle tobacco.

  • Barrel 24-0198, Warehouse TYR-F, Floor 4 - Dry vanilla aromatics brush against the palate, opening up to sweet hints of creamsicle and warm tobacco.

  • Barrel 23-0529, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - A unique sweetness subtly dances on the palate and combines with notes of cigar, bringing back memories of roasting marshmallows next to a smoky summer campfire.

  • Barrel 23-0519, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - Notes of hot cinnamon pack a punch to surround the palate with a memorable and lasting spice.
  • Barrel 23-0570, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - The nose is served up sweet, melting into notes of heavy baking spices on the finish.

  • Barrel 24-0226, Warehouse TYR-F, Floor 4 - The aroma of sweet vanilla and warm baking spices on the nose bring forth a smoky presence of cigar, giving a flavor impression of cherry pie.

  • Barrel 23-0599, Warehouse CN-E, Floor 4 - Heavy caramel notes are superior on the palate, velvety and sweet.

  • Barrel 24-0224, Warehouse TYR-F, Floor 4 - Tart notes of citrus and sweet mandarin oranges create a symphony with heavy notes of clove, almost as if you were home smelling Dad’s holiday ham for the first time.
Wild Turkey Rye Private Barrel Selection - $79.99 (plus tax) - 50.5% ABV (101 Proof)

  • Barrel 24-6043, Warehouse TYR-H, Floor 3 - Sweet cinnamon leads to warm memories of a french toast breakfast, sure to be a crowd favorite.
  • Barrel 24-6022, Warehouse TYR-H, Floor 3 - The perfect balance of clove, cinnamon, and baking spices; illuminating the flavors of a sugar donut.

  • Barrel 24-6004, Warehouse TYR-H, Floor 3 - Sweet and tangy notes of smooth cream cheese is balanced with warm spice notes resembling cinnamon toast crunch cereal.

  • Barrel 24-6020, Warehouse TYR-H, Floor 3 - Notes of sweet baking spices warm the palate, accentuated with soft honey undertones.
As mentioned, you can find the locations early on June 15th at the OHLQ website

My Take

Love that there are 15 barrels worth of product available for this release. Hopefully this will be enough to satisfy demand. I also like that it coincides with Father's Day. This is a unique gift any bourbon loving dad would like. I actually have two of these on hand from a previous OHLQ release and am saving to review them at the same time to see if I can tell the difference between the two bottles. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

Source: OHLQ

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