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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Watershed Distillery Releases Batch 002 of Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon

Watershed Distillery announces the release of batch 002 of Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon. The release will be available at the distillery and select Ohio liquor stores beginning on April 10. 

This rare bourbon spends over four years in barrels until it is ready to be bottled without added water or filtration. Uncork each bottle to find exactly what was in the barrel—bourbon that is untouched, unbothered, uncut, and unfiltered.

Awarded a gold medal at the Fall 2023 John Barleycorn Awards, Watershed’s Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon is aged in a unique selection of char-5 barrels made at an Ohio cooperage. Traditional whiskey barrels are char-4 meaning the barrels that hold this special whiskey sit atop the flame a little longer and impart the incendiary and award winning flavors and aromas of Watershed’s Uncut Unfiltered. Creating whiskey means mastering the elements within your control and accepting that the barrel always has the final say. 

“We’ve spent years mastering the craft of bourbon making and are in awe of the impact barrel selection can have on distilled spirits,” shares Greg Lehman, founder of Watershed Distillery. “We are excited to be increasing distribution this year on this unfiltered bourbon straight from the barrel and giving more Ohio bourbon lovers a chance to try it.”

On the nose of this unique bourbon find aromas of split vanilla bean, toasted oak, clove and allspice. The vanilla and toasted oak also come through on the palate along with notes of both apricot and walnut with a lingering finish of warm spice and herbal tea. 

Bottled at 125.4 proof, each bottle retails for $69.99. To locate a bottle visit or visit Watershed Distillery (1145 Chesapeake Ave., Columbus, OH 43212).

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