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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Watershed Distilling Bought by Multinational Conglomerate Marussia Beverages

Columbus based Watershed Distilling has been purchased by Marussia Beverages for an undisclosed price. Marussia's portfolio includes such brands as, Hatozaki Whiskys, 135 East Hyogo Japanese Gin, Mozart Chocolate Liqueurs, Barenjager Honey Liqueurs, Mamont Vodka, Mossburn Scotch Whiskies, STROH Rums, Schladerer Fruit Brandies, Lenz Moser Wines, to name a few.

Watershed was founded in 2010 by business partners Greg Lehman and Dave Rigo and offers six spirits: vodka, two types of American style gin, bourbon, nocino and a bottled Old Fashioned cocktail.

Per an article from The Spirits Business, Greg Lehman will continue to oversee all operations and all production will remain in Columbus. 

My Take

I'm sad that a craft distiller has been bought out by a large multi-national conglomerate but hopeful the owners got a lot of money. Watershed was instrumental in bringing spirits production to Ohio and I loved how they were part of Columbus. I saw so many restaurants that made Watershed the default for their cocktails because they were local... That should change now that they are part of a much bigger corporation and should make us all rethink what we order when we want something local to Columbus or Ohio. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

Source: NBC

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