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Friday, March 31, 2023

Watershed Announces First Ever BourbonFest - April 22

Watershed Distillery has announced their first ever BourbonFest, where they say you will 'experience bourbon the way it was meant to be enjoyed: surrounded by family and friends, live music, food and delicious cocktails.' They will also be debuting Watershed Distillery Uncut Unfiltered Bourbon, which is straight from the barrel and will be available for sale for $69.99 + tax. 

Greg Lehman, Watershed founder and CEO says: 
Bourbon is best enjoyed with family and friends, and BourbonFest provides a new way to come together, have fun and sip some delicious bourbons. What started as a very patient journey with bourbon in 2010, has evolved into a real passion for Watershed. We are incredibly proud of the bourbons we produce today and how we have refined our craft over the years. We can’t wait to see what people think of our Uncut Unfiltered releasing at the event.

BourbonFest will feature food, live music from Angela Perley and Year of the Buffalo. Tickets are on sale now for $30 and includes three $10 food and beverage vouchers. The event goes from 6-10pm on April 22 at Watershed Distillery, which is located at 1145 Chesapeake Ave . 

My Take

This is a good opportunity if you're looking for a bourbon event in or around Columbus. For $30 you get three $10 food and drink vouchers so it's basically a wash from a cost standpoint. You also get access to a straight from the barrel release at a decent price. I do wish there was an age statement with the special release. If the bourbon hasn't had enough time to soak up the wood in the barrel, it's going to taste like straight alcohol, which isn't enjoyable. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

Source: Watershed Distillery

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