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Monday, February 6, 2023

Buffalo Trace To Raffle 'Bourbon Experience of a Lifetime' to Commemorate their 8 Millionth Barrel Filled

In December of last year, Buffalo Trace Distiller filled their 8 millionth barrel. To commemorate this accomplishment and milestone, Buffalo Trace is offering a one-of-a-kind Buffalo Trace Distillery experience. As part of this, Buffalo Trace Distillery is encouraging people to run one mile for bourbon. 

Master Distiller Harlen Wheatley says: 
The passion we see from our fans is the most inspiring part of what we do. We’re asking people to run just one mile for a chance to join us at Buffalo Trace Distillery for a specially curated bourbon experience, and the opportunity to stock their bars with an exclusive collection of some of our finest bourbons for the new year and beyond.
One person who "runs” a mile for bourbon will win the following:
  • First-class roundtrip airfare for winner and guest
  • Car service
  • Two night stay in Kentucky, including one night at the private Stagg Lodge located at Buffalo Trace Distillery
  • Dinner for two prepared by a private chef at the Stagg Lodge
  • $800 Buffalo Trace Distillery gift card
  • $500 gift card for incidentals
  • Bourbon, in the name of the winner, to a mutually agreed upon 501(c) charity
You can enter and see official rules at Entry ends at 11:59:59pm ET on 2/18/2023

My Take

How amazing would that trip be? I'm a bit confused on how running a mile became a part of this lottery. Regardless, I definitely recommend entering. You odds will be much much worse than the OHLQ lotteries, but if you win... my goodness. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment box below. 

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