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Monday, November 7, 2022

OHLQ Announces Yellowstone and George Remus Exclusives - Arriving Week of 11/7

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control (OHLQ) has announced the release of thirty (30!!) barrels of Yellowstone Hand Picked Series (8 barrels), Yellowstone Select Single Barrel (5 barrels), and George Remus Bourbon Bottled in Bond (17 barrels) appearing in stores this week (week of November 7th).

The tasting notes for the barrels are:

Yellowstone Hand Picked Series - $59.99 + tax - Aged 4 years
  • Barrel #7851025 - 102 Proof (51% alcohol) - Light floral notes on the aroma segue to sweet flavors of candied fruit and caramel alongside toasted oak.

  • Barrel #7787400 - 109 Proof (54.5% alcohol) - Vanilla, toasted grain, and rice marshmallow treats on the nose usher a flavor of caramel, apple, toasted sugar, and sweet pear — evocative of pear brûlée — before finishing short and sweet on the mid-palate.

  • Barrel #7851004 - 109 Proof (54.5% alcohol) - A complex nose of light brown sugar, freshly toasted grains, and hints of cherry cola flows to currents of dark fruit and baking spaces mid-palate, finally finishing long and warm in a Kentucky hug.

  • Barrel #7851007 - 109 Proof (54.5% alcohol) - Hints of citrus on the light aroma precede a sweet start to the taste with caramel and nougat and a short and quick finish.

  • Barrel # 7851010 - 115 Proof (57.5% alcohol) - The cherry aroma progresses to a taste of lingering butterscotch sweetness alongside toasted oak.

  • Barrel #7851012 - 115 Proof (57.5% alcohol) - Leather and tobacco with smoky tones on the nose advance into flavor hinted with spice, black pepper, molasses, and butterscotch before finishing long and lingering, with spearmint tones.

  • Barrel #7849716 - 115 Proof (57.5% alcohol) - The citrus aroma is complemented by caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla on the palate, combining tangy and sweet on the mid-palate with candied orange, and an overall sweet finish.

  • Barrel #7787399 - 115 Proof (57.5% alcohol) - Baking spices on the nose open to a complex flavor that is both earthy and floral, with hints of leather, pepper, and toasted grains.
Yellowstone Select Single Barrel - $44.99 + tax
  • Barrel #7849867 - 93 Proof (46.5% alcohol) - Aged 4 Years- A nose of slight nuttiness and citrus opens to white chocolate on the palate, finishing with cinnamon spice candy.

  • Barrel  #7850917 - 93 Proof (46.5% alcohol) - Aged 4 Years - Tobacco notes on the aroma lead to a spicy mid-palate with the sweetness of cinnamon, caramel, and tobacco, overlaid by oakiness.

  • Barrel #7772680 - 93 Proof (46.5% alcohol) - Aged 4 Years, 5 Months - The orange creamsicle nose extends into a creamy upfront taste, spiced by notes of black pepper and cinnamon, and finishes with orange marmalade, apricot, and citrus wrapped up in a Kentucky hug.

  • Barrel #7772673 - 93 Proof (46.5% alcohol) - Aged 4 Years, 5 Months - An aroma of maple and caramel preludes the taste of red apple with hints of vanilla wafers — think candy apples rolled in peanuts. The finish is brief but memorable at the mid-palate with a citrus-pepper glaze.

  • Barrel #7850861 - 93 Proof (46.5% alcohol) - Aged 4 Years - Simple and sweet: creamy dark chocolate notes characterize the aroma and flavor of this four-year-old barrel.
George Remus Bourbon Bottled in Bond
  • Barrel #398 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - The aroma is balanced with caramel, oak, and citrus leading to a flavor profile with hints of orange and notes of confectioners' sugar before an oaky finish.

  • Barrel #1174 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - Marshmallow and confectioners' sugar comprise the nose while the festive flavors of cotton candy and sweet candied bacon make for a long finish to revel in. 

  • Barrel #9 - 114.2 Proof -  Aged 5 Years - An orange nose combines with flavor hints of mint and a dusty finish.

  • Barrel #803 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 6 Years, 8 Months - A palate selection made for rye lovers features tones of port wine and plum.

  • Barrel #428 - 103.8 Proof - Aged 4 Years - A citrus aroma complemented by sweet corn preludes the taste of orange, with additional citrus tones and a bit of spice at the end, building to a full finish.

  • Barrel #1190 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - With a cheerful aroma reminiscent of strawberry Valentine’s candy, the taste of sweet corn romances the palate to round out this bourbon’s charm.

  • Barrel #30 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - A highly unique barrel, an unusual flavor with subtle dusty notes intrigues the palate to discover a distinctly sherry-like finish.

  • Barrel #427 - 103.8 Proof - Aged 4 Years - Aromatic cinnamon invites a sweet caramel flavor with the buttery goodness of a snickerdoodle cookie, finished with a hint of baking spices.

  • Barrel #1173 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - A vanilla aroma opens the door to a rich caramel flavor with a sweetly fulfilling finish.

  • Barrel #10 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - Tobacco on the nose introduces a balanced flavor of mint and baking spices that finishes on the front to mid-palate with the brisk freshness of spearmint.

  • Barrel #802 - 109.1 Proof - Aged 6 Years , 8 Months - The warm flavor full of spice also includes hints of crème brûlée and buttery notes, and a long finish.

  • Barrel #1172 - 114.2 Proof  - Aged 5 Years - With an aroma of toasted oak and honeysuckle perfume, this five-year-old selection drinks “like an old bourbon.”

  • Barrel #11 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - The straight bourbon whiskey elicits an overall sour mash feel.

  • Barrel #436 - 103.8 Proof - Aged 4 Years - Sweet on the nose, the taste that follows is characterized by citrus tones and the flavor of sweet corn.

  • Barrel #4 - 114.2 Proof  - Aged 5 Years - The nose and flavor combine sweet sugar cookies with the sharpness of rich cherry tones — think cherry cola — followed by a mint finish with just a touch of dill.

  • Barrel #1181 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - Rye and spice and everything nice take center stage across aroma, taste, and finish in this selection.

  • Barrel #21 - 114.2 Proof - Aged 5 Years - The selection starts with spicy food and hints of hot sauce flavor, opening to a big rye finish.

My Take

There have been so many of these releases that it's hard to get excited about them anymore unless it's a big brand like Weller. I like how there are a lot of barrels available in this one so if you want to find a bottle, you should be able to. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comment below. 

Source: OHLQ

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