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Friday, October 21, 2022

Dr Pepper Introduces Non-Alcoholic Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve

Not to be outdone by Arby's big bourbon announcement, Dr. Pepper has announced the release of a new limited-edition non-alcoholic beverage, Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve.

This new release is an exclusive opportunity to win through a sweepstakes for Pepper Perks members, which is their rewards program for drinking Dr. Pepper. It comes in a 12 oz can and artificially flavored notes of oak, vanilla, honey, and cherry. 

My Take

This actually sounds like a good mixer that I would be great for gamedays. It's perfect to carry around because it's non-alcoholic and it sounds like it would be great with a cheaper bourbon or whiskey. My hope is that this is so popular in the Pepper Perks that it becomes a limited release to the public in the future. 

What do you think? Drop a note in the comments below. 

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